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Junk food

Had a scary amount of pizza, chips and junk over the weekend, afterwards felt very sleepy, i guess my body was trying to hard to digest!

anyone experience this after eating junk?!


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with the recent events in london things are a little strange, there are sooo many policemen patrolling.  commuting has become more of a nightmare, but it's better for things to be a hassel with pre-cautions put in place.

on my way home tonight this old lady was lugging a suitcase/trolley kind of thing down the tube station stairs, the tube station was shut due to security alerts, poor lady didn't know what to do with people pushing and shoving.  Managed to help her and her suitcase back up the tube station stairs and sadly ther...Read more

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Silly little things

Spent yesterday night catching up with a couple of friends, after a couple of hours of chatting...I know that's a lot of talking...we ended up playing silly games.

Not quite sure how it began but ended up throwing beer mats at each other, for each hit you would be allocated 1 point and if you hit the face then thats 2 points!  

Sadly I really really really do throw like a girlso I didn't do too well and acutally I kind of cheated! come on it's a natural reaction if ...Read more

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Pajama day

yawn!  yawn! a boring blog! ^^

i'm in need of a pajama day, for the past...hmm..not sure! i've been working and commuting long hours. leaving myself with very little lesuire time, i tend to make the most out of the spare time i get! but right now i need a "pajama day" just to chill out at home for one entire day!  just not got round to doing it yet!

been reading terence's blog and can now relate!

Attended a wedding over the weekend and wow it was manic! the...Read more

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went to watch "The European Drift Championships" at Silverstone this weekend. 

how was it?

compared to the Japanese...hmm a little disappointing and the track wasn't great for drifting, there's only a small section of bends.  guess it's just not a big enough sport over here yet.

at least the ice-cream i had made up for it ^^

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Be aware commuters

I don't know what it is today, maybe someone forgot to tell me that it's "national pick your nose day" 

I witnessed 3 different people on my way to and from work pick their nose and erm put the picked stuff in there mouth!  I thought it was just kids that did that kinda thing not adults! eeewww!!!! really really gross!!!!

one women looked around after she did her business to see if anyone saw her, I was staring and.....Read more

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L Plate Bitch?!!!!

Was chatting to a friend and we both agreed that in order to achieve you need to be a bitch!  In most situations you need to be forceful and erm rude to make people pay attention and do their job properly! Of course there are exceptions  just kinda annoying when being a bitch doesn’t come naturally! Oh well I don’t think I will get my P plates anytime soon, it’s just not me!

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