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Byron Bay

I'm quit re-knowned to disappear completely off the radar once in a while.

Took a short break in Sydney and Byron Bay, escaping from the wintery cold frost of Melbourne City. Word of the day "Delightful", it was a challenged put to me by a friend, to use as much as possible. Its quit adictive after a while, you seem to fall in to a tra...Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Jun 4


Sitting here in the freezing cold in Melbourne Australia. It had been brought to my attention that my blog entry is some what empty.....

Its great to be back in my home town apart from the weather. Melbourne is notorious for its four seasons in one day. It's very very cold. I missed HK weather hows its warming up. There's been quite a few changes around the city, things that weren't there are there now... I didn't r...Read more

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Real people


A friend of mine sent me this photo recently. She found me floating in peak hour around  causeway bay....

When I saw it, the first thing that came out of my mouth was " Damm...Thats huge!!".  

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G'day People

Thrilled to be on Alive not dead website!

Welcome to my memoirs, Thanks for dropping by!!




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