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searching for one foreigner gay man in china


      searching for one foreigner gay man in china

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     I'm a 1.71m /60kg /34 years old chinese gay guy currently working in jincheng city of shanxi province and planning to looking for one gay man friend and living each other forever. I still don't know why it's tough to find out one gay man who can love

 each other with honestly  and everlasting love.


     I'm a humorous person, but also serious and responsible towards life. I know what I really want for my future, so I always go straight and sure of what I do. I'm brave.


     I love spending my free time listening to music or going out with my friends to Bars or KTVs. I love dancing and singing as well. I also enjoy a lot sharing special times in special places with the right person, so it means I'm a romantic and a passionate lover too.


     I hate lies and this kind of people who always hide what they really feel. I'm honest and sincere the most I can with my friends, and specially with the person I could be sharing my life with. I like transparence in the relationship, no matter what kind of it is.same from the others.


      I use to say that "You will always receive back from the others, depending on how much you're able to give them."


      Personally, I don't think this way should be the best one to know someone, so just send me a message and lets be in touch.





     To find the Mr right who be able to make me feel the real pleasure of an homo relationship. Not only sexually but also spiritually.




     The Mr Chinese or foreigner white Right. The perfect match. I would like to find that man able to take care of me, the same way I'm willing to take care of him. Two bodies and minds, but only one heart.


ps; my cellphone; 13935696363 (river)

my yahoo;


my mail;


my qq;453011284

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