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my boyfriend


          on april,21th,  i left for yuncheng city which is located in about 300 hundred kilometers away from my city for meeting net-friend thru camera a few day ago.it took about 6 hours to get there,i was a bit exhausted when i got there,however i was happy to meet him that day.

           frist of all,let me introduce my friend,weiyanhu is a judge of yuncheng city.about thirty age,look great man.

           at frist,i didn't intend to visiting him, good thing i have 3 days off last week,so i decided to meeting him and took around yuncheng city with him,with my impression that i think he is very kindness,humour and candid man,actually it proves i am right via those days which we had been together,i saw HAFEI vehicle which appeared in front of mine and he got off and came to me directly,we had shake hand each other tightly,then he drive to one big mall with me,he told me that he'll about to buy some fruits for me,coz before i have ever told he what's favorite fruits i like best,from this point i feel that he is very caring and considerate guy,he bought 2 pomeloes and some other food,it was getting dark he took me to tasting local snacks ,it's very  yummy and delicious.

         i am old one than him,but he is tall and strong muscle than me,in my opinion he's a real nice man who in despite of  his character or morality,furthermore he is a very filial and obedient kid from many words he said to me,maybe everybody would be inquire me that why r u trust in every words he said,i guess i can told your that's my the sixth sense,i believe in it's a real,perhaps i have a little bit love on him,in a word,he treat me like real good-friend as around him friend,at night, we had a long chatting from each other in our bottom,we had few similar experiences and sufferings often disordered our regular life and frail emotions,sometime we had to struggle for career and job,had to strive for one good future and had to resisted some rumors no matter it's positive or active,anyway we had leaded a misery life as gay man in china at present,we have many understandings and tolerances,including their's family and whole society ,what's ur point?see my blog's friend.

             being together with him i know that he rent an apartment alone,he didn't want to live with his parents,he thinks he is very free and have a big space to leading one life what he want,his parent are very open-minded though they are old couples.there r 2 eld-sister and 1 eld brother in his family.

             we have spend 3 nice days together,he has a good figure and slick body when we are in same quilt every night,hold him to sleep is very nice for me,of course he's like to hug me from my back on bed,i deem he is like kid when it's dark,his room is a bit cold but as long as our body connected each other for taking warm,so happy with him those days.

            he show me he's like to put on name-brand clothes and gym-shoes,his thoughts is same to me,he told me that he invested 23 thousand rmb on stock,bad luck he is already lost 18 thousand rmb among 2 years,actually his job is very easy and have large time to do other thing,he is a generous and strong relationship gay man.i also told him must be caution on play stock,he said to me ,he'll to do it discreetly.


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