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  • Dear friends,

    It's really long time no see, still remember me? I have changed my page design, but it's still me!!

    Hope you will enjoy!


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  • Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

    Wednesday, Dec 24, 2008 1:40PM / Members only

    My Dear Friends,

    Really long time no see!  How is life?

    Wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas, and a Happy Happy New Year!!!




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  • My New Photo Album

    Saturday, May 3, 2008 2:01PM / Members only

    Dear my friends,

    I have uploaded a new photo album called "World of Beauty @ Budapest (Hungary)", hope you would like it!

    This is my first blog (though I've been here somedays!), just want to say:

    I am Kenny from Hong Kong, nice to meet you!

    大家好, 我是Kenny, 來自香港!  請多多指教!

    大家, Kenny, 自香港!  请多多指教!


    皆さん、こんにちは!  私はKennyです (香港から来ます), どうぞご指導下さい!


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  • posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 10:18PM  [Report]
    but have to be careful not to waste money at HK outlets nest time.
  • posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 12:21AM  [Report]
    also went to the outlets, where I bought lots of things including a suitcase for them :-p
  • posted on Monday, Apr 8, 2013 9:17AM  [Report]
    Me too.
    Wow I found your facebook page! :)
    I have a facebook account too. Some time ago, I created it to establish a relationship with my coworkers, but I don't think this tool succeeded in doing that...haha
  • posted on Saturday, Apr 6, 2013 8:51PM  [Report]
    Hi Kenny, it's been a long time!!!
    Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I'm still drawing pictures sometimes. :) How's it going?
  • posted on Saturday, Nov 5, 2011 8:38AM  [Report]
    Hi kenny, sorry for my late reply too ! haha
    It was great to hear about what you have been up to. :) Did you go there for business or pleasure ?
  • posted on Friday, Oct 28, 2011 7:03PM  [Report]
    Hi, kenny. How have you been?
    Happy Birthday! Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health. :)
  • posted on Sunday, Mar 27, 2011 10:27AM  [Report]
    Hi kenny ! How are you doing?
    I'm so sorry that I have caused you so much worry ! Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!:)
  • posted on Saturday, Jan 1, 2011 1:59AM  [Report]
    happy new year!! glad to hear that you enjoyed Hokkaido and Tokyo trips. actually Hokkaido is hit by a big chill and snowing hard...
    may 2011 brings many good things and yummy foods to you : )
  • posted on Friday, Dec 31, 2010 3:32AM  [Report]
  • posted on Saturday, Dec 25, 2010 3:40AM  [Report]
    May your Christmas season be the happiest holidays you've ever had!
  • posted on Sunday, Apr 4, 2010 2:22AM  [Report]
    Happy Easter!!
  • posted on Sunday, Apr 4, 2010 12:13AM  [Report]
    Thanks kenny, I also wish you a fantabulous Easter holiday! :)
  • posted on Sunday, Mar 28, 2010 12:24PM  [Report]
    I haven't been to Tohoku district too, so I've always wanted to go to those places. I think Hokkaido is the region richly endowed with nature, I hope to enjoy seeing its beautiful scenery and eating fishes and so on.It's too bad I cannot ski...haha

    Hope you have a great day, kenny!:D
  • posted on Wednesday, Mar 24, 2010 1:09AM  [Report]
    Hi kenny, thanks for birthday wishes! :) Oh please - no need to be sorry!

    I was away from here for a long time again.Sorry I haven't been in touch with you for a long time!!
    At present, I'm fine and everything is going well.But anyway I've been too busy...

    Anyway I'm so glad you and your wife had great fun in Hokkaido!One day, I'd like to visit there.:D
  • posted on Monday, Jan 4, 2010 11:40PM  [Report]
    Hi kenny, how is everything going with you?
    Thanks for your greetings!
    Wish you a belated Happy New Year and may this year bring all the good things to you! :)
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 11:48PM  [Report]
    dear Kennyun,
    wish you all for a wonderful Christmas. All the best for the New Year.
  • posted on Thursday, Dec 24, 2009 2:00PM  [Report]
    Merry Christmas!
  • posted on Saturday, Nov 7, 2009 2:14PM  [Report]
    Thanks, kenny.I'm relieved to hear that. ;-) ha ha
    Hope you have a great weekend!
  • posted on Tuesday, Nov 3, 2009 11:12PM  [Report]
    Thanks for your message, kenny ! I'm sorry not to have been in touch for a long time.It was great to hear about what you have been up to. hehe :)
  • posted on Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 4:16PM  [Report]
    Have a Happy Halloween.
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