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Working on Birthday

Whenever Coco back to HK from Taipei, i will be more busy, because everytime she just stay for a while, too short that many medias or magazine try to book her for interview and cover shooting. It's funny that everytime i know i am going to do her make up before her agent call me, because we have  a lot of hobbies in common, mostly eat and movie watching, we see each other quite often during her short stay.

When Coco told me that we are going to work on 8th Oct, i said great, let's make a shooting party.

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Shooting in Yellow Mountain

Those two above photos ,I just use simple digital cam , the scene was so quiet and peaceful if you can get rid of the noice from those free walk...Read more

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Jessica Code interview for Loreal Men's skincare

I was invited by a fashion magazine to share my skincare experience, it was sponcer by L'oreal, so i have to share ...Read more

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When i was living in Shanghai Pu Dong, a small town call San Lin, where i would spend my lazy afternoon if i don't have to cross the Huang Pu river for work, I would wait after the students lunch hour, bring my favour essayist's book, heading to the kiosk next to the bus terminal, a small Fu Jian little-wonton shop and the steam dumpling shop would be my regular spots. Reading and eating , satisfied both physical and mental needs at the same time.

Even the media friends know that i am a die hard fans of Eileen Zhang Ai Ling ( writer of ...Read more

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Days of being wild

I've never be a fan of Leslie Cheung, not even Alan Tam, i was only fascinated by Anita Mui and Danny Chan.

Being a pupil of primary school, means that you have no choice but listen to your elder at home, and follow what  your teachers said in school. But i didn't feel bad or even bored, because my life was just like every kid out there ,surrounding by lessons, home works, maths, Miss Chan, Miss Lee, classmate Ng Wing Yin, Cheung Chung Ban, and our own shadow when we walked back home after school.

We were not allowe...Read more

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Chanel mobile art exhibition

I am a person who always willing to learn, whenever i try to  talk about art with some people i know, the tone of the conversation will suddenly turn into a bit serious. Some of them would  tell me how good is the art piece buying and selling market now , some would say that they took some boring classes about art in Uni, some told me only watch art films during the film festival, someone even said he likes the atmosphere in London a lot,  museum? he did went in once , away from the heavy rain, he only went there for shopping !!<...Read more

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The impression of Taiwan

I finally got some day off before Chinese New Year, was planning where to go for a short trip, Not in a mood to Thailand, just been to Japan, will go Shanghai after CNY.....Taipei would be the only choice.

Some of my Taiwanese friend in HK and SH, asked  me if i ever been to their "Island of Treasure", My  answer "No" is always comes with their shocking reply "How come ?".Then normally i would embarrassingly say " Just don't have a reason!".And then they will tell me a lot of place...Read more

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Chinese Super model power

Doing make up for magazine is part of my job, I enjoy it a lot , simple reason is i can take a closer look of all those luxury fashion art pieces ahead then all those fashion shows.

Vogue is the magazine I mostly work with every single month, not just the big fashion shooting , i also send my make up artists from my make up school to help their interview of celebraties. The February issue just came out, I did the shooting with 2 super models from China, they are not just famous but very very professional, no wonder this few ...Read more

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Actually,i've posted this article in Elle hk.com blog, but i knew lots of alivenotdead member are friend of JC, so here is what i felt about the lost of a young talent.





帶出這個現象,主要是作為時尚界的領航者之一的攝影師,開始向這區遷徙。攝影師們租下舊工廠倉庫,改為自己的攝影棚,不但說明了他們不再是某某雜誌社全職聘用的攝影師,今後可自主工作時間,更說明了他的技術及視野得到外間的認同、可隨個人意願接下屬意的工作、在市場上極端講求商業考慮的大環境以外,有條件劃出一遍以純藝術作平衡的領...Read more

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New Year , New Era

I just realized 2008 Jan almost pass away, time runs so fast, i even didn't  say Happy new year to most of my friend and family face to face, coz since end of 2007 i've been non stop travel in China for work. Last trip we travel from freezing Beijing, Dalin,(-10'c) Shenyang (-22'c),all the way down to subtropical Sanya (28'c),you know what i put in my suitcase ......my supper warm under wear and speedo ....

Although i keep working in Beijing, but it's changing everytime, the city look more modern everyday, o...Read more

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As a make-up artist and trainer since 1995,besides work with models,actors,actress around Asia,Kenneth also teaching in his own school - Kenneth Wong Make-up Ac

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