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Dior Joaillerie

I was invited to do the make up for the new collection of Dior Joaillerie media tour, it was the 1st presentation in the world, HK is always lucky.


All the main medias came, such as TVB, Cable TV, ATV. even Fashion TV.


The window displayers are so funny and cute, the brand is so open-minded for just let the artist creates what she wants to create, and it match the colorful joaillerie though.


Even the VIP room is so playful, also is the only in the world, i think the designer knows all women has a girl heart


Model is Stella Song, born in Hangzhou, i believe that she is the tallest female model i've ever worked with. A girl with that height and face, so sure that she will be one of the top in Asia.She mostly work in HK, i told her the following month will see her in all medias.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
she's pretty!
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As a make-up artist and trainer since 1995,besides work with models,actors,actress around Asia,Kenneth also teaching in his own school - Kenneth Wong Make-up Ac

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