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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules

When you are always invited to brands' never-ending party and event, believe me ,some day you will get tired of it. In this 2 months,it seems that i need to pay back for i skipping those events for a long time, i went one by one, and the run down was the same, arrive early, sitting there chatting with strangers, waiting for the always late celebrities, listening to the new product details.....if those PR from brands not thinking some new idea, most of us would prefer sitting in our office , waiting for the mail box with press release and products...

This time Bobbi Brown came up with something new, invite us to a children wonderland, playing kid's game, an easy way to send out a message :" Play by rules , get your prize" ,same way to acheive to do a nice make-up ...... if you don't get the message, dosen't matter, at least this event brings out our kid memory.



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As a make-up artist and trainer since 1995,besides work with models,actors,actress around Asia,Kenneth also teaching in his own school - Kenneth Wong Make-up Ac

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