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US$100 million Film Fund for Chinese Market

Hong Kong-based Global Entertainment Group (GEG) has initiated a US$ 100 million film fund set to finance movies for the Chinese market. GEG will not limit these productions to Asian-made films, but will finance projects worldwide as long as there are suitable for a Chinese audience. The projects will mostly be English-language movies.

"Protege", starring Andy Lau, was the first film production embarked upon by the company. The film, directed by Derek Yee, tells the story of an undercover cop face...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 25

went back to the west coast to surprise my parents for christmas; what fun! meanwhile i'm catching up on all things canadian...family, friends, corn chowder!...and whistler, i hope!?! try to catch a film called JUNO ( http://www.foxsearchlight.com/juno/)  if you can find it :) It's won a bunch of awards already, and  now it's up for golden globes...also, my new favorite brand is karma...http://www.karmaa...Read more

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dragon boys!

this is the first time i didn't have to audition for a part! hahaha! lucky me, i met another actor who knew the director, and suddenly i was being offered a role. it was a bit late in the game, but a nice cameo, and good for my ego :)


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how did i get here???? lucky me that alivenotdead is my number one fan--you guys make me look good! so begins the blogging...

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