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My Holidays

As you can tell from my last entry, I'm a bit disillusioned about the weather here and the prospect of facing the harsh reality that my holidays have ended. So, I guess the best thing will be to blog it so I can dwell on it a bit longer...

I spent three weeks in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Beijing, so I am finding it difficult to readjust to the weather and the time here.  (Can't keep my eyes open, but it's only 6.30pm!)

At 3am, we took a coach from Bristol to Heathrow.  (I decided to keep awake by going out to a club beforehand, but really regretted it later...) We then had to fly 15 hours to Hong Kong, then straight on another plane to Hanoi in Vietnam.  Then it was another coach drive to Halong Bay... As you can tell, by this time I was really struggling but it was really worth it cos Halong Bay is beautiful. (out of time: to be continued, pics to be added...)

Where am I: Still in the office - Off to a party in an hour

What am I listening to these days: "Suburban Knights" - Hard-Fi, "Umberella" - Rihanna, "If that's OK with you" - Shayne Ward, "Read My Mind" - The Killers, "Lovestoned" - Justin Timberlake

My mood: Still phased...

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Good to hear you're having a great vaca. Yah definately post the pics of your holiday for everyone to see. Glad you're having a blast on AnD. It's only gonna get better :)
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Is your jetlag all gone? I only went to Hawaii which is 3 hours slower than California and it still took a week to adjust back for me. I hate jetlag when I travel to Europe. Always knocks me out of whack that it's harder to enjoy the trip.
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