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Starting to find my job

I had my first job interview yesterday in a job fair in our city hall. Puregold is looking for Visual Artist so I applied for it.  I felt a little nervous. I was the 11th interviewee from about hundreds of male applicants. There were three stages of interview. The three interviewers are nice and kind. After the interview, I was informed to wait for further notice.

This morning, I received a message about an exam for this day. I went to Puregold San Pedro to take the exam. I thought it was a written exam. I was surprised it wa...Read more

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I just had my check-up this morning in our local hospital. I'm really nervous that time. The doctor and nurses are very good to me. I also had a CEG which scared me a little. But still, I have to wait for a week to know the result of my tests.

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Hi Everyone! This is my first post here on "Alive not Dead"!

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