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  • The Guangzhou Love and Compassion Concert with Jackie Chan and Friends
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    Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009 12:32PM / Standard Entry

    Today at the office, I received a souvenir gift from Jackie Chan. It immediately reminded me of a charity concert that I participated in last November held by Jackie in Guangzhou. I was already extremely happy to be given the opportunity to sing on the same stage as Jackie during the Olympics opening ceremony, and also meet up again during the closing ceremony. It never came across my mind that several months later, we could come together again and contribute a bit of our effort towards charity.



    (Picture source from Ming Pao Daily)

    Everybody knows that being able to make a film with Jackie is already a great honor. Being able to sing a duet with him was super honorable! Because a busy person like Jackie doesn’t sing very often anymore. That evening, I sang duet rendition of “Stand Up” (Zhan Qi Lai) with Jackie and then sang a solo of “Midsummer Fruit” (Shengxia Di Guoshi).


  • An Unforgettable Year and one of Dreams Come True - 2008
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    Saturday, Jan 3, 2009 2:09PM / Standard Entry

    Happy New Year! In a blink of the eye, a new year has begun again. Has everyone started to plan for the year ahead? I already have, however I will keep it a secret for now! In the year 2008 I have achieved many dreams I have had for many years. I believe that you just need to persevere with your dreams then anything is possible! Why not share with everyone all these joys that to me are worth looking back over. Don't know how much you guys remember?

    Performing for the former President
    I never even dreamt that I could perform in front of America's former President Clinton and many important people. That night I was very nervous, almost even more nervous than for my own concert! In Hong Kong being able to hold this "Clinton Global Initiative Meeting In Asia" and be the sole guest performer at dinner, of course I was excited! That night I was even able to shake hands and chat with Clinton. He even said he throughly enjoyed my performance, and wanted to go buy one of my CD's! In the end of course I gave him my album as a souveniour, I hope it will be one of his fond memories at this meeting!

    Twin Dreams
    October 9, 2008, to me is a very big day because in one day I fulfilled two dreams! First, I finally launched my own name brand of perfume! This is my dream of many years. And also the sales of my perfume launch was very ideal, in Taiwan it even sold out! Friends in mainland don't need to be envious anymore because after Lunar New Year, KAREN MOK The Fragrance can be bought in China!

    My second dream is karenmok.com.hk which was also officially opened on the same day! This is my official website that I meticulously cooked up. Hope to let everyone know my latest activites and pull us closer. You guys must come and leave messages for me often!

    KAREN MOK perfume release conference (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

    My perfume ad is also on the bus!

    Olympic Dream
    In 2008, counting all the world's most spectacular events, must count the Olympics! After finding out that Beijing would host the Olympics, my dream was to be a guest performer at the opening and closing ceremonies. I waited seven years for this dream before finally achieving it! This is proudness of being Chinese, being able to perform in front of the entire world is the honour of a lifetime! Moreover I was even one of the torchbearers. At China's landmark Three Gorges Dam passing on the flame, I will never forget this experience.

    I'm in charge of passing on the flame at the top of China's Three Gorges Dam, really a great honour.


    I also participated in the "Olympic Flame Iluminates the World" celebrations held in Sanya.

    With Jackie Chan, Sun Nan, Han Hong together as guests performing at the opening ceremony

    Guest performer at the closing ceremony, I wore a red dress

    Honour brought from "L!VE"
    In 2007, the Mandarin album I released "L!VE is..." is a very important album in my music career because in this album I participated in most of the creating and producing. It really is a product of working my heart out! Effort is really fruitful. My album won the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards' highest honour of Best Mandarin Pop Album Award. This is the award I dreamed of! Getting acknowledgement from professionals in the industry, gives me more confidence to write music! Furthermore, in other parts of Asia I have received many awards and honours, all these recognitions have given me a big shot of strength!

    19th Golden Melody Awards - Best Mandarin Pop Album


    2007 Beijing Pop Music Awards - Best Female Performer


    With Jared Leto hosting together, I was very happy about the whole process! If anyone wants to find a host, remember to consider me!


    6th MTV Asia Awards held in Malaysia - Inspiration Award


    9th CCTV MTV Music Awards - Hong Kong Most Popular Female Singer Award


    In South Korea at the Asia Song Festival "Asia is One" - Best Asian Artist Award (Hong Kong)


    TVB8 Music Awards - Most Wanted Female Singer Award (China)


    8th Mandarin Music Media Awards - Best Female Singer (Mandarin)

    Movie Dream
    After the release of my first Thai ghost film "Coffin", success in Thailand and Singapore broke the local box office record. I never thought it would have such a good result! In addition, in the movie I really like "Lost Indulgence" the director used his unique shooting style to highlight my long legs, leaving the audience with a deep impression! This year there will be a film made from my own idea and will be produced by me. I hope this dream will always continue......


    Dream Stage
    I have always longed for the stage, and also really enjoy every minute up on stage. To me, every performance is unforgettable! I still remember starting out, Leslie brother imparted many "skills" of the stage for me to use. Really benefit me a lifetime! A group of friends, together we took part in this commemorative concert to pay tribute to him and his memory! Unknowingly, it is already five years since brother left us. I really wish to tell him "miss you much"!



    I once was able to have co-operation with brother, this is an honour of my lifetime.
    (Photo from Ming Pao)

    Another cross-border co-operation was me and well-known overseas Hip Hop group Black Eyed Peas, together opened a charity concert in Shanghai. This concert was very meaningful as the funds raised were donated to the earthquake victims in Sichuan.
    And on the last day of 2008, I participated in a large-scale New Year's Eve Concert in Nanjing. While performing, all the audience sang together with me, the scene was very warm and moving! The feeling of standing up on stage is really great! Just in time for me to plan this year's concert tour!


    I hope that everyone, in the days to come, can keep continuing to support my acting career. I promise you I will put in more effort! Wish everyone in 2009, can go up a level!



  • Happy New Year
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    Friday, Jan 2, 2009 5:06PM / Standard Entry

    At a blink of an eye, 2008 has already gone by just like that. I’m also very pleased that I was able to do a lot of things that I wanted to do in ‘08 and I achieved many of my wishes. For example, I launched my very own self-branded perfume range, participated at the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympic Games, plus many other things. So I am actually very satisfied with my achievements over the past year!

    During the days leading up to the welcoming of the New Year, I didn’t forget about work, didn’t stop one moment and immediately rushed to Nanjing to attend a New Year concert held by Jiangsu Satellite TV in China. The TV ratings for this particular television station have always been very high and I was very happy to have the opportunity to stride over 2008 via television broadcast together with millions of friends and fans from Mainland China, advancing towards an even better 2009!

    In fact, I’ve actually held a concert at the Nanjing Sports Center before. The response at the time was very enthusiastic and sales at the box office were extremely pleasing!

    It’s been two years since I last came to perform in this region, and it even came across my mind that maybe my fans would have actually forgotten me. I never imagined that while I was performing at the New Year concert, everyone in the audience was very excited and responded with cheers and screams. One thing that touched me the most was when I sang my classic song, “All of a Sudden”, everyone in the audience sang the song together. It was a very heartwarming moment and it beautifully drew out a perfect full-stop, marking the end of 2008.

    As I’m currently preparing and deciding on locations for my 2009 Concert Tour, I think Nanjing will definitely be on the list as one of my stops!
    If you were at the concert or if you watched it from home, did you sing the song with me as well?

    A lot of my good friends were among the guest performers at the New Year; such as Harlem Yu, David Tao, Tanya Chua, and Anson Wu. We were all very happy to able to come together and perform on the same stage, striving over and stepping into the New Year. We also gave each other the most sincere blessings and well wishes!

    Everybody’s wishes were pretty much the same. That is, we hope to continue making even better music and provide everyone with even more entertainment during this unfavorable time.




    Last but not least, I wish everyone good health and happiness for the New Year! Lets work hard together and give it all our best!



  • Lucky Winners
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    Friday, Dec 26, 2008 11:56AM / Standard Entry

    Today is the long-awaited big day because I will transform into Santa to draw out the lucky ones.Thank you for everyone's enthusiastic participation. Those who have not been drawn, don't be disappointed. Next time you will have another opportunity!

    Friendship first, competition second.



    Below are the winners:


    13/12 maguritz

    14/12 Loewe0912

    15/12 quincyfung

    16/12 Jessie85

    17/12 Brendashao

    18/12 happyjoy

    19/12 HORSEloveKAREN

    20/12 Ciaolovekaren

    21/12 chubuda

    22/12 ayiao

    23/12 mickey 98

    24/12 McRalphy


    Grand prize goes to Karenmok0602.

    Everyone please check your email, you will be contacted by my staff!

    Today is Boxing Day, did you guys receive presents?


  • Very Merry Christmas
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    Thursday, Dec 25, 2008 10:24AM / Standard Entry

    After doing the calculations many times over, my colleagues also have a headache now. But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you wrote your answer publically on the message board or if you sent me a private message, every friend who correctly answered a question and complied with the entry requirements, we will include every one of you. I am deeply grateful to everyone for participating enthusiastically but there are only 13 presents. I hope that everyone will remember that friendship comes first and competition comes second. If there’s another opportunity, I'll definitely have more competitions with everyone.

    Now I'll announce the answers!


    13/12 Yellow

    14/12 The 13th Awards Ceremony, 2003

    15/12  Love Yourself

    16/12 Me and Du Juan-Er are both afraid of cockcroaches

    17/12 Enter the Phoenix

    18/12 Beijing, China

    19/12 Jordan Chan

    20/12 Peach

    21/12 Fallen Angels, Wong Ka-Wai

    22/12 Macau; Beijing, China; South Africa

    23/12  Smokey

    24/12  20 Billy dolls


    So, who will I draw to be the lucky winner that answered all the questions? Did you answer all 12 questions correctly? Are you going to be the lucky one? The winner will be revealed tomorrow.

    Last but not least, I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.





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