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情人节快乐!也跟大家拜个小年!希望你们喜欢这首歌!感谢所有参与工作人员的配合和付出。 挡不住的声势 GOOD LUCK UNSTOPPABLE
Happy Valentine's Day and an early Chinese New Year Greeting! Our CNY video is finally done! Hope you'd like it.
Just want to take this opportunity in offering my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the entire production team working in front of the camera and those behind the scene in making this video possible. Thanks for the festive music and lyrics of Richard Wan Kum Wah, music arranger John Keuk, th...e creative directing...Read more

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Wounded cat. #njuredcat #inflammedears

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Benches in the park are good for stretching.

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this event is going live now on the following site.

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an event is going live now.

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