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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing your web site to receive traffic, unpaid or organic; natural search. This is a gradual process and consists of small changes, often to your web page.

Search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing use algorithms complex to determine which sites are most relevant for specific searches. Optimize your site to enjoy the algorithms will help your website to get higher ranking in the search engines for your keywords, which are typed by customers when they search for your products or services.                Image result
Get a good positioning in search engines brings many benefits to a website through better visibility. But it takes a lot of SEO work, first upstream, then through regular optimizations. Indeed, there are three pillars for SEO: technical optimization, content and popularity.  Search engine optimization is a long-term investment in your business and should have the same status as offline advertising.

SEO is the best marketing channel for small businesses, but it only works if it is used correctly and consistently. The biggest advantage of all is a new base of motivated customers.
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 High affinity of a user in your offer, which comes via search engine on your site; it is the best conditions for a sale. With SEO you can increase the visibility of your products, your services and your company in general.

200 ranking factors evaluated and considered. These include high quality backlinks, the timeliness and quality of the content or short charging times. To deliver even better results, Google optimizes its search technologies continuously, thus changing the different ranking factors.
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Consequently, an effective SEO optimization is becoming more complex and difficult. Visit  San Diego SEO Specialist for more info.Therefore, a website operator should leave this task to SEO professionals and they do not consider as a one-off, but as long-term service. Otherwise, a website can lose their top ranking again quickly.

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