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Up Close and Personal with Kanch

Dear Blog-readers,

If you've been wondering who's been writing your blogs the last few weeks, then I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I'm a Hong Kong girl, born and bred. I love to travel, love to try new cuisines, love to read, and learnt all my fashion knowledge from spending quality hours shopping at the malls and stores through the years.

I started working for Kanchan early last month.When I first met Kanch at my interview, she wore denim shorts, a button up shirt, thick rimmed glasses and a very cool attitude. I had heard of and knew of Kanchan Couture, but I didn't know much about Kanch. In my quest to find out more about her and her experience as a designer, I sat down and asked her a few questions...Define what Fashion means to you. "Fashion means expressing who you are to the world and adding value to people's lives.Fashion is being in love.

I am a creative person and this felt like the most natural way to express myself." What was your first Fashion memory? "It wasn't like at the age of 2 I knew I wanted to be a designer. It kind fell upon me like the rest of life does...However, when I was younger and my family lived in India, I remember my father traveling a lot for business. Once, on his way back from Hong Kong, he bought my mother a beautiful black-silk, pleated dress. I loved the way this dress looked. My mom has promised to pass this dress on to me...when she can part with it!"What was your most difficult moment when starting your own fashion label? "I cannot re-call one particular moment but yes there are times when you doubt what you're doing and why you're doing it. It is very difficult to juggle being different parts of the company all at once, you're the creative director, the sales, the PR, the HR, the cleaner..its an all in one role and often it can be overwhelming. But then you calm down and re-assess it all and just do one thing at a time, take one day and a time and breathe!"
Knowing everything you know now about starting your own designer label,would you have done it all again? "Yes Yes Yes, without a doubt and I wouldn't do anything differently. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. Sure there are ups and downs, like anything else in life, but I cannot describe the feeling of waking up in the morning knowing that I am lucky enough to do what I love.I have met some amazing people, learnt a sea full of knowledge that no job could have given me, which has helped to build character in ways I could have only dreamt of. I am sure that this is not the only label that I'll have ever started - who really knows where life takes me.Just be sure to love what you is too short!"I've learnt alot about Kanch since I started working here, she likes to listen to whatever song is stuck in her head over and over again until I know all the lyrics, she likes to do things differently from everyone else, which makes her stand out, and she likes 'char siu fahn' for lunch when we're having a really busy day at work and can't step out. All I know is working with her has been a breath of fresh air in this smoggy city, because she does what makes her happy... Enquiries 2117 2187 or email|

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Launch of "Kanch" By Kanchan Couture at Vero Lounge

Mix with Hong Kong’s socialites, celebs, expats, and flash photographers, next Wednesday at our launch party. 

We team up with Vero Chocolates this summer to celebrate the launch of  "Kanch" by Kanchan Couture. 

"Kanch" by Kanchan Couture is our Spring-Summer Collection of 2010, a diffusion line of ready to wear clothes, which is all 100% cotton, casual, and comfortable. 

Come and enjoy the fashion show while tasting the delicious goodies and drinks Vero Chocolates has in store for us.

Date: 14th July, 2010 Location: Vero Lounge, Fenwick Pier, Wanchai Time: 7-10.00pm · “Kanch Cocktail” on arrival by VERO mixologists plus offering great happy hour pricing

· complimentary fashion show, handmade chocolates and delicacies

· cash coupon from VERO to enjoy one-day-only exclusive discount on the Chocolate Gifts

  RSVP Required for this event, please call 2117-1782 or email

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Kanchan Couture is now ready to wear, are you?

This is thefirstof its kind by Kanchan Couture - Inspired by the works of Wim Wenders and Quentin Tarantino, this "Pulp Fiction" style video is the first viral marketing campaign for Kanchan Couture.

We hope it makes you smile as much as it made us...

Drop by the store, come see us and try on the clothes : 4th Floor, 108-110 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Enquiries to / phone: +852 2117 1782

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We Review: SEX & THE CITY 2

Watching Sex and the City was like seeing old friends again…hearing Carrie’s voiceover narration; watching how Charlotte’s life as a mother had progressed; being able to see that Miranda and Steve had survived their marital indiscretions; and Samantha…well she was still being Samantha.The girls go on an all expense paid holiday to Abu Dhabi and the middle-eastern getaway could not have come at a more opportune time. The women learn and analyze their relationships with their men and reaffirm the great bond that they have, letting us know that, sometimes… all you need is some “time with the girls”…

The four girls give us incite into the lives of The 21st Century Woman. What’s great about our foursome, is that they have constantly been fighting against traditional forms and ideas of how women should act and how they are perceived. First it was, the single woman having sex …like a man. Now, ‘What happens after you say I do.’

We find out from the movie, whether you’re a mother, lover, wife, or friend, is that relationships require work. It’s easier to accept others, than to change them. It’s wiser to understand them, than to get angry. And most of the time, it’s more fun to love ‘em, than to leave ‘em.There might not have been too much sex, and very little city, but the fashions did not fail. Our style guru Carrie sported some amazing clothes in this movie that we absolutely loved.

We j’adored Carrie in Abu Dhabi, styling the Dior black tee, paired with a violet-grey frou frou skirt (see right). In our Demi-couture range you can find our pink frou frou skirt and pair it up with any of our low back tops, for a similar look.Trains on skirts and dresses are a lost art. Carrie wore a black dinner dress with a flowing train to her dinner with Aiden (see left). Much like the frou frou skirt, which also had a train, we pick trains to be a real show stopper at any event or party in town.

To ease people back into skirts with trains, we offer a range of demi-couture skirts with removable trains, perfect for cocktail parties, balls or any evening event.Safari, tribal, prints and breezy summer clothing sets the trends for this summer’s ‘look’. Carrie’s white dress that she wore on her camel ride with the girls was amongst one of our many favorite looks from the film.

Although we do not have clothes like this in our collection, we do have two summer dresses to offer this summer, which follow the trends. Ourone shoulder Ikat dress, flaunts a tribal-looking design. Also recommended is our  re-movable one strap dress, which comes in summer-crisp white. Both dresses are 100% cotton, ideal for summer wear.

Don’t forget, our  Super Summer Sale  lasts until the 30th of June. If you’re in the area, come by and say hello. With up to 75% off, Power HoursChampagne Nights, how can you say no?

At the end of the day, the movie managed to keep us updated on the lives of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte: their loves, lusts, and inner secrets of another lap of their life. If they came out with Sex and the City 3, guess what? We would still watch it. We are loyal to them, loyal to the fashions, and loyal to Sex and the City. We continue to be infatuated with the four ladies mainly because, in the wonderful words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Women come to New York for the two L's: Labels and Love."Fashion Film Rating: 3/5 images from:; Enquiries 2117 2187 or email |

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Kanchan Couture Summer Sale Starts!

Starting on the 17th, until the end of June, our team at Kanchan Couture have been working hard to bring you a Summer Blitz Sale like never before and... YOU'RE INVITED!!

We have never been more excited about the summer. Rain, typhoon, or shine, we want to make sure our customers always have something to wear.

Walk-in to our store on 108 Wellington Street during sale period this month, to receive our special summer deals for 2010. 


Come in on any Wednesday during the Sale period between the POWER HOURS and get a FREE Limited Edition Summer Accessory designed especially for our summer sale. Kanch has created this year's 'must have' accesory, a sexy-satin-wristband, and you can receive this at a low cost of NOTHING. Yes, you read it correctly, no conditions, while stocks last, you can receive this accessory for absolutely free for simply walking into the store on the 23rd and 30th of June during Kanchan Couture's Power Hours. 

Power Hour: 6.00 - 8.00 pm | 23rd June | 30th June 

While Stocks Last 

PRIVATE Champagne Nights

If you haven't heard about the Private Champagne Nights happening during the sale period yet, then seek, hunt and be-friend a Kanchan Couture team member NOW. Each one of the girls' are hosting a private champagne night, with special discounts for their friends and of course some complimentary bubbly...

Who's champagne night are you invited to? Kanch, Annie or Maice...

Champagne Nights:

17th June | 18th June | 24th June 

Call Annie NOW for more details about the sale: 2117 1782 or email:

Shop Hours: 

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 8.00 pm | Saturday 11.00 - 6.00 pm

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I do... home or away

Getting married in a location away from where you call home is becoming increasingly popular. For some, overseas weddings provide an opportunity to travel and get away somewhere romantic and exotic. A beach in Hawaii, a romantic castle in Scotland, a vineyard in France; couples are attracted to the experience of something totally different, while being able to combine the wedding with the honeymoon! However, for a lot of Hong Kong expats, traveling to their wedding means getting closer to friends and family.

Whether returning to your ‘home’ country or traveling to a beautiful beach in the Philippines, overseas destinations can be spectacular and memorable, however there are often a lot of worries to contend with. Organising the cake, coordinating the decorations and flowers, making sure everyone arrives on time and has somewhere to stay. And most importantly; the dress! This is the most important part of the day and, for a bride, the dress is the crowning glory. Kanchan Couture knows all about this. For three years we have been making custom made dresses for brides who get married all over the world. Whatever your time restraint, budget, travel plans, etc, we make sure your dress is one thing you don’t have to worry about! Our brides have previously been married everywhere from Scotland to Sydney, from Bali to Bordeaux, so we know how it works.

Working from initial ideas and sketches to first try to final masterpiece, Kanch is on hand every step of the way to answer questions, provide advice and make sure that what the bride envisions is what she is wearing as she walks down the aisle. Depending on where you are getting married and what time of year, different fabrics, styles and colours are more appropriate. Kanch will, of course, advise on all these, as well as recommend hair accessories and footwear options.

We love working with brides to bring their visions to life. We would normally say between 3 and 6 months is a good time frame to complete the dress, however if time is not on your side or your departure date is looming, there are always options available! We have a collection of beautiful dresses that can be ready for you in as little as two weeks. If you are getting married and would like to see what Kanchan Couture Bridal can do for you, please come in for a chat with one of our bridal consultants.

Call 2117 1782 or e-mailinfo@kanchancouture.comto book your complimentary first consultation.

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"Kanch" video behind the scenes

With thunderstorms forecast and the clouds looking ominous, our filming team descended on our Wellington Street boutique at 10.00am on Sunday morning. Not quite so bright eyed and bushy tailed, the models had their hair and makeup done, the video team prepared the equipment and I provided Subway with a week’s quota of sandwich orders.

The first part of filming was completed before we all bustled into a van and traveled to our secret location somewhere in Hong Kong. Bellies filled and the rain holding off, we were all optimistic that the day would be great! And we got off to a good start… The location, that we had not previously seen (yes, little bit of a gamble!), was fantastic: wide-open, industrial, water, cranes, bricks… the lot! We got to work preparing and deciding on exactly what was going to happen where and how things were going to play out. In the end it turned out to be a play it by ear kind of situation as we just had fun with the story, the set and the models.

I didn’t realise how many different angles, cuts and stop/starts are required just to get a 2-minute video. I have a new found respect for Mr. Spielberg! This filming, directing, producing malarkey is not a walk in the park. I just hope everyone involved had a great time and that it comes across on the video. Expect drama, colour, word flashes, energy and a bit of uniqueness!

Check out the behind the scenes and sneak peak pictures on our Facebook page and stay tuned for the release

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Fashion and films

When you think of fashion films words like random, long, floaty and artsy spring to mind. You almost need to have a degree in art film interpretation to understand the meaning behind most of these films. It’s all well and good gaining awards and accolades but if the everyday people who watch them haven’t got a clue what it’s about then its not going to appeal to a very large audience. Plus eight to ten minutes seems a bit excessive. I’m not saying these films aren’t worth a watch, they are! They are often intricate, deep and thought provoking. However, artsy and floaty isn’t really our style and while we don’t have the resources to create a full on 10 minutes mini movie style fashion film, we thought we could dip into this ever-increasing phenomenon and bring out our own condensed version.

Our fashion film / commercial will be launched in June and will focus on showcasing our new range of ready to wear clothing, “Kanch” by Kanchan Couture, with a funky storyline that we hope will capture people’s attention. We decided to go for a slightly edgy twist. Expect splashes of text, upbeat music and a storyline that will keep you hooked.

We felt this would be a perfect way to engage with Generation Y. The times are changing and static billboards and fliers just don’t cut it any more. It used to be that girls, in particular, were influenced by glossy magazines. Now, viral media and social networks dominate; Youtube, Facebook, Bloggers and style websites are the new influences for the woman of today.

So, keep your ear to the speaker and your eyes on the tube (Youtube that is) as the “Kanch” viral campaign will soon be making its way to a URL near youCheck out our Facebook page for behind the scenes pictures, up

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Souk In The City

Designer markets provide a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their work to the general public in a relaxed, market environment. It enables young talent to display their works and the public to purchase unique items that cannot be found commercially. For the designers, these markets often form the first step towards growth and commercialization of their design range, whether it’s fashion, jewelry, craft or art.

Designer markets are the best place to find hidden gems from up and coming designers and a great place to buy affordable, original, home grown designs right from the designers themselves. These markets are cropping up all across the globe. From Brisbane to London to New York, designers are showing their works with the hope of kick-starting their design careers.

Kanch was in New York this month and had the opportunity to show pieces from our collection at The Market NYC. This young designers market is located right in the heart of Soho and is a buzz of creativity from young emerging talent. It was a fantastic experience and we had really positive feedback from buyers.

We hate that there’s no designers market in Hong Kong. With so many talented young people in this city, you would hope there would be a place they could go to get their work out there. Having said that, occasionally opportunities do arise for designers to showcase their work in a temporary market environment. Examples includethe Random ArtWorkshop’s quarterly RAW Marketplace event that brings together various vendors selling unique handmade products and Detour 2009, which created a unique platform for local, up-and-coming creative talents to showcase their work to the public, as well as to engage the community’s creative energy, providing an engaging environment for artists, designers and the creative public to congregate and interact.

However, these events are not very regular, so when they do arise, we jump at the opportunity to take part! Luckily for us, the  Sassy girls (lovers of all things fashion and fun) have decided to host the ultimate designer market. ‘Souk In The City’ is being hailed as the ultimate girls night out with a fabulous array of local designers, artists, manicurists and our favourite henna tattooist Sara from  Saras Henna, all there to help create the perfect night of shopping and socializing.

This event should be loads of fun and will hopefully introduce more lovely ladies to our accessories and new ready to wear collection. If you’re wondering what to do this Wednesday 19th then come along to ‘Souk in the City’ at The Langham hotel, TST. The event is free but alas, the clothes are not, so bring your credit cards and cash, and enjoy special discounts for this one night only!

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More than just a shop

With so many shops to choose from and so many products out there how does one choose where to go or what to buy? Yes, we can be swayed and influenced by large scale marketing and advertising campaigns, however now I think the times are changing and even boutiques without large advertising budgets are attracting the consumers. How, you may ask? Through enhancing the whole experience for their customer. It is no longer just about shopping; the successful shops are moving beyond traditional boutiques and becoming so much more.

The Dressing Room on Manhattan’s Lower East Side would appear to be a fairly standard retail store, with a boutique on one level and vintage-clothing exchange on another. However, what sets it apart from the norm is the full bar on their ground floor level. If you visit this unique boutique on any given night, you’ll find regulars sipping drinks, listening to the occasional DJ set, catching a movie projected on a small screen and browsing through racks of clothes. This store creates a neighbourhood hangout for its clients, a place for people to sit and have a drink. Ultimately this is a clothing store with a difference and the sense of community associated with this store not only brings people in, but encourages them to stay and peruse the goods on offer.

This bar-shop concept store is just one example of a retailer getting creative with their space to attract traffic. Yes big department stores such as Debenhams in the UK have been providing consumers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for many years, with café’s and even hairdressers located within their four walls. However, the small boutiques are offering something that even these big stores can’t: an atmosphere, an environment, an experience, and a destination.

Saturday’s in New York’s Soho district is a surf shop that serves coffee and beer in its back garden and my gran’s favourite small boutique in the North of England sells home furnishings and trinkets in the front of the store and features a quaint coffee shop (with the best cakes in town) in the back. Both stores cleverly guide customers through the goods on sale before they sit down to enjoy their refreshments.

In my opinion, personal service, a warm welcome and a chance to sit with friends, drink, shop, listen to music and relax will truly be the future of retail. People like to feel they belong to something and these intimate, bar/coffee-shop concept stores provide a haven for consumers to relax and enjoy.

We believe Kanchan Couture is no exception. We've organised many after hours events with a difference for our clients. My particular favourite was the fabulous henna andfashion fusion event we held in collaboration with  SarasHenna (see picture above). Withour regular champagne evenings and personal service, we hope all our consumers enjoy their experience with us and like to come back time and time again.

Right now we are taking bookings for free individual 30 minute viewing and styling appointments with Kanch for a new collection of ready to wear clothing we are launching. To thank our customers, we want to ensure each person is given the time and treatment we think they deserve, so book one of your personal sessions now.


17th, 18th, 19th May from 10am to 8pm

To book, e-mail or call 2117 1782

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