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Up Close and Personal with Kanch

Dear Blog-readers,

If you've been wondering who's been writing your blogs the last few weeks, then I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I'm a Hong Kong girl, born and bred. I love to travel, love to try new cuisines, love...Read more

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Launch of "Kanch" By Kanchan Couture at Vero Lounge

Mix with Hong Kong’s socialites, celebs, expats, and flash photographers, next Wednesday at our launch party. 

We team up with Vero Chocolates this summer to celebrate the launch of  "Kanch" by Kanchan Couture. 

"Kanch" by Kanchan Couture is our Spring-Summer Collection of 2010, a diffusion line of ready to wear clothes, which is all 100% cotton, casual, and comfortable. 

Come and enjoy the fashion show while tasting the delicious goodies and drinks V...Read more

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Kanchan Couture is now ready to wear, are you?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOcVEVUEh80
This is thefirstof its kind by Kanchan Couture - Inspired by the works of Wim Wenders and Quentin Tarantino, this "Pulp Fiction" style video is the first viral marketing campaign for Kanchan Couture.

We hope it makes you smile as much as it made us...

Drop by the store, come see us and try on the clothes : 4th Floor, 108-110 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kon...Read more

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We Review: SEX & THE CITY 2

Watching Sex and the City was like seeing old friends again…hearing Carrie’s voiceover narration; watching how Charlotte’s life as a mother had progressed; being able to s...Read more

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Kanchan Couture Summer Sale Starts!

Starting on the 17th, until the end of June, our team at Kanchan Couture have been working hard to bring you a Summer Blitz Sale like never before and... YOU'RE INVITED!!

We have never been more excited about the summer. Rain, typhoon, or shine, we want to make sure our customers always have something to wear.

Walk-in to our store on 108 Wellington Street during sal...Read more

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I do... home or away

Read more

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"Kanch" video behind the scenes

With thunderstorms forecast and the clouds looking ominous, our filming team descended on our Wellington Street boutique at 10.00am on Sunday morning. Not quite so bright eyed an...Read more

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Fashion and films

When you think of fashion films words like random, long, floaty and artsy spring to mind. You almost need to have a degree in art film interpretation to understand the meaning behind most of the...Read more

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Souk In The City

Designer markets provide a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their work to the general public in a relaxed, market environment. It enables young talent to dis...Read more

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More than just a shop

With so many shops to choose from and so many products out there how does one choose where to go or what to buy? Yes, we can be swayed and influenced by large scale marketing and advertising campaigns, however now I think the times are changing and even boutiques without large advertising budgets are attracting ...Read more

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