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Team Meeting at Korean BBQ

With all the new projects coming up with Kallusive, we needed to get everyone on the same page. You all know how much we love food so it was only fitting that we had our meeting over a good Korean BBQ meal. We hit one of our favorite spots in Korea Town called "The Corner Place".

Make sure to keep checking our blog for some exciting news coming up. And if you want a little teaser of a big project we are working on, make sure to check out Newkon's (http:...Read more

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UGF- Van Jam 2009 Champs!!

Congratulations to Kallusive BBOYS VILLN, MPACT, and the rest of Underground Flow for defending their title at the VAN JAM 09 bboy crew competition. They are the 2 year reigning champs, and took down Killafornia this year in the finals!! Good work fellas and thanks for all the support!!


Anyone a Clippers fan?? Stay tuned for some exciting news....

~ Dineen (http://www.twitter.com/kyledineen)

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"B4LT1MORE" by TRP ft. Bossman Video Release

Trait Razor Productions is a hip-hop label group that is slowly taking over the hip-hop scene in Baltimore, MD. They are preparing for the nationwide release of their first album, and have just finished shooting the video for their hit single, "B4LT1MORE", featuring Bossman. This single has been getting tons of radio play in Baltimore and will soon be seen on BET and MTV Jams. Check out their video and our boy Razor, aka Baltimore's Son, rocking the Sound Escape tee.

hm-uCqLgddM...Read more

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Cowboy's Rookie Jason Williams

Dallas Cowboys rookie LB Jason Williams rocking Kallusive during a interview in August. A Fox news station was doing an interview with Jason in his home in Dallas, as he has become one of the fan favorites and a promising draft pick to lead the defense in the future.

~ Dineen (http://www.twitter.com/kyledineen)

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Gone Too Far Documentary Tonight

Here on the Kallusive blog, we like to keep our fans up to date on things that we believe are very interesting and relevant to our community. Tonight, MTV is airing the Series Premier of the "Gone Too Far" documentary at 10pm ET/PT. It is a one-hour series hosted and created by Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, which offers struggling young addicts a chance at recovery. MTV, will be airing the series with the consent and support of Adam

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New Dubstep Mix from DJ Konflikt

Kallusive DJ Konflikt has a new Dubstep mix for download. If you are a fan of Dubstep, you have to download this mix, and if you haven't heard it, take a listen!!

DOWNLOAD HERE (http://www.mediafire.com/?3im0tlwuhln)

He has also been busy traveling and making appearances with some of the most famous names in the industry!

Konflikt and DJ Jazzy Jeff

If you are going to be in Las Vegas next weekend, head over to Prive

...Read more
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The wait is finally over... introducing the BRAND NEW KALLUSIVE WATCH SERIES!! We are very excited to release these exclusive Kallusive watches, that highlight the art and detail that we have become known to bring out. When deciding how we wanted these watched to look, it was only fitting that we bring back some of your favorite designs from our past seasons, but this time in a wrist watch!! These watches can be bought today at your local Metropark (http://www.metropar...Read more

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"Desire to Inspire"

The Syrenz are an all female dance group that we have had the amazing opportunity to support as they reach out to the community. Last week, they decided to throw a club fundraiser to help with some of their upcoming events and efforts.

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Bowling with Ron Artest

Being the obvious Laker fan, I am super excited to welcome NBA bad boy Ron Artest to LA! Last week, we found out that our friend David happened to be one of the lucky winners of Artest's Twitter contest, and got to go bowling with him this weekend. Little did we know of Artest's love of Kallusive. Upon finding this out, he requested that we bring him some of the new gear recently released. Artest turns out to be one of the nicest guys in town. He even bought pizza and drinks for the rest of a bowling alley full of kids! We...Read more

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The New Website Feature!

After daily readings of many websites from many different industries, it has become apparent to me what people want to out of these blogs. People want to be involved and want to know what goes on behind the scenes. Being a lifestyle brand, we are accustomed to showing you how Kallusive has left their mark in so many differnet genres and types of people. Now, I feel like it is my duty to give you guys a little taste of the people we encounter in our daily routine. I am happy to announce that we will be adding a new "Weekly In...Read more

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