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葡萄適 正能量•撐香港 + 黑加侖子味 廣告

Video: http://youtu.be/wEdv0kiUzpY

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BLOG: 5月8日

BB12 Healthy Me TV Commercial

Video: http://youtu.be/kSTcww30z1w

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After the trip

Just came back from Bangkok for few days ago.  I barely never go vacation alone. Eventually, i has a relax vacation. Maybe the weather of Hong Kong always change, i got a flu after the trip.

Im very sick . Such as Sore throat, Body Sore, Running nose keep sweating, Coughing and lost my voice... Poor me... Better to take rest at home.  Sigh...

Recently ,we shoot some new Commercials with Cafe De Coral. Wanna share the video clips with you guys. Hope all of you enjoy it.

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Lazy Holiday

Feel so lazy today. I don't like this humid and rainy weather. It makes me moody. Actually, i have been busy for my work. So didn't update my Blog for about few months. Obviously, I'm Lazy. Now going to update some photo albums and videos. Wish all of you enjoy my videos and pictures. Don't want talk too much today... 

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Halloween 2009

Joined Alive not dead 2nd  Annual Halloween party again. Have a wonderful and crazy night with my friends. We were the big group with fantastic costumes. One of my friend who with the Predator costume is so awesome. He spent 2 months on his costume from Toronto. And brought it over to HK. Many people took the pictures with him. Non stop flashlight over us... Well, We found out that we have captured by the reporters from Apple daily hk and Lifestyle Asia.com. We must be dressed up next year again.

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Latest TV Commercial

Hello everybody, Check out my latest TVC reference. It's Lohas Park / Le Prestige TVC. So happy that worked with Darren, Ruby, Freddy & Chole. Thank you all talents in this job. Chole is a very cute and lovely girl. She is only 4 years old and this is her first time to shoot for the TVC. Freddy was helping us to wear the animal costume during the shooting. The costume is so heavy and hot. it's so hard to do the movement. Otherwise, thank you the little gal voice over. Her voice is very nice. As Darren said, it's probably ...Read more

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City of Dreams Event

Yesterday, i was happy that went to macau for COD event with BoBo. I've been Macau many times.  Macau is developing so fast these years. So many Casinos have been built up. Of cos the one of casino is City of Dreams.

We have arrived there at 11am to have rehearsal for the show. The 1st show started at 1pm. We had to do 6 shows til 1200 . Actually, this is COD Pre- opening for their own staff. Bobo had to go on the stage every 2 hours . Th...Read more

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City of Dreams is coming

I have been in Thai for City of dreams TVC Shooting on Feb 09. As always, i've had an awesome trip with my friends. Actually, I was really expected to see the commercial on TV. It is because there was a big productions for this project. The client has invited one Hollywood film director to join this TVC shooting. Also, with the professional animation team from Germany. There are so many animation and effects in the TV commercial. Therefore, that's why i 'm so expected to see it. I've seen the 15" version from TVB...Read more

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2009 廣告 VITA 維他蒸餾水

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE58HOvdFqg 最新作品

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必理痛特強傷風感冒丸 - 潛水篇

So happy that worked with Cheuk Lee again. We were shooting in Samed Island. I have a wonderful trip with him. Let's see the attached video.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBWvC9FpLLs

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