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  • Building a Personal Brand for additional Employment Opportunities

    Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 5:20AM / Information / Members only

    In May, the four-time NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal received his doctorate degree from Barry University. Following a year into NBA retirement and after 19 seasons in the league, Shaq chose to rebrand himself. Many NBA superstars leave college early using the desire of wealth and never obtain their degree. Shaq was different. After leaving college early for the NBA, O'Neal returned to college, earned his bachelor's, master's, and today doctorate's degree in education. He'd an interior motivation. Dr. O'Neal notes, "One, I promised my parents I'd [follow my passion for education]. Two, I needed to continue my education and three, I needed to challenge myself."

    However, Shaq has managed to rebrand himself weight loss than an ex NBA superstar and separate himself in the pack. Likewise, huge numbers of people must create their very own brands if they wish to compete in this economic crisis. Today's employment market mandates that working adults develop their own personal technique for employment. This short article provides working adults methods to increase their success in additional job opportunities through personal branding.

    The economical Picture
    The current financial crisis continues to stall occupations for millions. Yet, a university education isn't cheap. According to the College Board, the typical in-state tuition and costs at four-year public colleges this school year rose 8.3% with room and board now exceeds $17,000 a year. Based on the Forrester Research, approximately 3.3 million U.S. jobs and $136 billion in wages might be moved overseas to countries like India or China by 2015. The industries potentially impacted include electronics, computer-programming, telecommunications, banking, engineering, management consulting, and other highly skilled services. Therefore, many people are nervous regarding their future employment.

    Personal Branding
    Personal branding allows individuals to stand out in the crowd. Personal branding can be explained as 'the process whereby people as well as their careers are marked as personal impression or brand.' Sir Richard Branson, Virgin executive, noted the significance of branding in the corporate environment: "Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with individuals to stir their emotions; and resolve for imagination. You can easily be cynical about such things, more difficult to achieve success." Renowned preacher Richard S. Brown, Jr. further explained, "Everyone wants to be outstanding but nobody wants to face out." Yet, it is the "standing out" that catches everyone's attention. Working adults aren't any exception. With this personal branding strategy, a personal can create a positive position in a potential employer's mind also. This impression should reflect an individual's own weaknesses and strengths in addition to those of its competitors.

    Branding includes personal appearance, communications, networks, or something that identifies an individual. Employers are looking for individuals who stand out beyond mediocre performance. Consequently, a highly effective personal brand can be a positive job technique for today's job applicant. However, many people haven't been taught how you can do create a personal brand. The following personal branding tips are supplied:

    Lowongan Kerja Terbaru

    (1) Evaluate your present online appearance which means that your image makes a positive impression.
    (2) Perform a web-based explore your name to determine what potential employers are viewing.
    (3) Determine your ideal personal logo and create a technique for achievement.
    (4) Develop a personal brand and build a picture of indispensability and uniqueness.
    (5) Showcase your expertise on a number of levels (blogs, media expert, etc.).
    (6) Become a great source of information by writing and speaking.
    (7) Champion a significant cause in a nonprofit organization for example United Way.
    (8) Become the linchpin that connects individuals with problems to people with solutions.
    (9) Extend your network globally with social media platforms for example Linkedin.com.
    (10) Obtain special training or certifications being more competitive.

    As the economic crisis continues and the US labor market is constantly on the weaken, many people are wondering the way they can survive these trying times. With the fierce competition for limited jobs, they wonder when they can land a great job available on the market. Today, working adults are bombarded with many obstacles. However, they can make a positive step in navigating these difficult economic times and landing their future jobs. Now's time for you to begin. Finding a job under this financial crisis won't be easy. Shaq took the extra step in obtaining a doctorate degree which has repositioned him in the job market from others. Working adults may also find the right formula to split up them in the pack for greater employment opportunities. With the right personal brand, people can stick out in a positive way and transform their livelihood. If individuals want to be more efficient within their job hunt for 2012, they can begin using these job ways of navigate future career challenges.

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