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Melancolía 2



(I don't own this video, but I can't resist not to post it here; It's so beautifully done.)

“Just as no matter how hard you try to keep it away...

Despair will a...Read more

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3rD year on AnD & Other Stuff

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When You're Gone


While listening to this song The Cranberries 'When You're Gone', this thought came floating in my mind: how unbearable it would be to lose someone so dear to you.

I don't regret having to leave or shut some people out of my life; those I left in the past should remain in the past.

But this one I truly fear: A passing of a love one.

10 years ago, a friend of mine died of leuk...Read more

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Dark Period Films

REPOSTED from 04/22/2008

I'm a huge fan of dark period films. It makes you see a world that is too GLOOMY & LONESOME.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

“Do you share my Madness?”

This film actually tells us, that it’s not one’s physical appearance that makes him evil, but with how cruel people treat another that they mak...Read more

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One at a Time


"My goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive...

the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance."

I always had this weird feeling that sometimes when I think of something terrible, it becomes reality..Like thinking what will I feel if one of my fave artists passe...Read more

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Can you hear their cries?

"In my dream children sing a song of love for every boy and girl

The sky is blue and fields are green and laughter is the language of the world

Then I wake and all I see is a world full of people in need."


 "Tell me why, does it have to be like this?

 Is the...Read more

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Random 90's


This is my most favorite album from The Smashing Pumpkins .

Ironically, no matter how blasphemous, & suicidal the lyrics were, their songs kept me sane.

Don't you just love how strange their music videos are? Thirty-ThreeRead more

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Sickly 花

Been feeling sick for almost a week now.

Went to the doctor this afternoon, and he gave me some antibiotics & pain reliever.

Had a late lunch at a near resto & took the medicines immediately after.

Problem is, I’m allergic to almost anything! Early this evening, I noticed I’m having a little allergic reaction, I don't know which of the medicines have caused it.

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My Grandfather..

I’m not very close with my grandfather, but he’s very dear to me.

I remember when I was hospitalized back in 1997, he would come visit me whenever he's in town. Even if my folks weren’t around he would still drop by at the hospital ( so kind of him). During one of his visits, he told me that I should take up Medicine in college, because,...Read more

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"Things are not always what they seem; The first appearance deceives many. The intelligence of a few, perceives what has been carefully hidden."


December 25, 2006