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Shao Lin Temple少林寺

I am so sorry sharing lately travels of prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /ShaoLin Temple from 4 th to 7 th ,April. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

All of pictures for V. Kingdom Queens. (VanNess in one concert said: His fans are His Queens)

ShaoLin Temple behind Songshan Hill嵩山

 Main entrance

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The kapok flower

In last time, I told cherry-blossom in Japan, and then I will tell my city - GuangZhou,China - flower : the kapok flower.It's GuangZhou's municipal flower.

Hahaa~ I knew its name true spelling  today.

the kapok tree is too high, and no leav...Read more

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Last Sunday, I and my friends go to Park Sculpture to see cherry-blossom.

But you know, that isn't  the same of comcept with Japan cherry-blossom.

This is Chinses cherry-blossom,I came to see those

Japan さくら     

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Help Bee

I think no one believes i would help bee. But I do it.

My house has more flowers in these days, because it's a new year. Some bee came to my house plucking honey.

I don't know  where they are live. The bee  worked hard and the sun sat down, bee losed power to go home.

My father said me it must be eaten honey, they could fly and go home. I am very shy bee bited me. So my father do it frist. One bee in  my father's finger and be eaten honey,it looks so Q. Haha~Now I do too. the other bee was let down in my hand, I s...Read more

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The Brith of my cat


Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is My Cat's Brithday, He's the King in  my family .

My Mom will give him so much fish to eat.

He has the right to ask me and goes to my bed when I asleep. Now he is stady in my bed sleeping. Oh~my God.How was he treated me? He is only a small cat ! But he did it now  

He bothed 5 years in Chinese New Year Eve Night. Some people told me it is a 招財貓(zhaocai cat).He is a Lucky cat. Maybe he is, or not. But it...Read more

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About Chock Ma

Chock Ma, she's a HK  rock and roll band.

Why I will talk this Band? Because my cousin in this band. He is a Guitar.

I went to see theri concert in GuangZhou. So cool, So hight. The mucis listen long time,You will holler  on the sky to throw away pressure.

Maybe someone don't like theri mucis.

But I though  everybody could do oneslfe likely. It is life, it is our world.

If you like my introduce,U will go to see this Web:  http://www.ge...Read more

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Merry Christmas




今晚老爸應該也會給我帶回大大的Christmas's cake吧!







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我是爲了能上Van Ness(吳建豪)的Blog看他的文,才開通這個Blog.

因此更新速度絕對是蝸牛級的速度.如果你們想知道我-Van Ness's Guangzhou fans最近又偷溜到哪國去了,可以上我的sina & Miniworld看哦Sina Blog:: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1288349895 我自己的親身經曆

Miniworld: http://www.miniworld.com.tw/user/101160 對某些報道的感想

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Don't be indifferent.Keep loving others - it drives the world. super guardian angels\(^o^)/~ My weibo:http://weibo.com/0807wu1010

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