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Wushu Nationals 2013

After the European championship i left Wushu for good...or so i thought... but after a year and a half away from everything i came back...just in time for the 2013 nationals... Since i did not have a lot of time for trainning i made some changes in my usual categories of competion... This time i'll do something i never did before...I'll only participate in Jianshu and Qiangshu and i'll make my debut (and first step crossover) to Taiji, participating in Taijiquan and Taijijian...with nandu of course!I also have several good news regarding the wushu topic but i'll leave it for another future post...Thank you for reading![](/attachments/2013/12/06/18/550391_201312061844571.thumb.jpg)

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II European Heath Qigong instructors Seminar

This past week happened the II European Heath Qigong instructors Seminar (21 to 27 October 2013).

It was a pleasure to work for it's organization. It allowed me to have a great week in a 5 star hotel, but more important than that, it allowed me to meet wonderful new people. Between dozens of persons, i must speak about Alessandro, Fabrizio, Aki, Viktor and Gloria.It was a great honor to meet them. When i got home i realised that i won't die happy if i never see them again. They really touched my heart and i'm sure i will make everything i can in order to see them again.Thank you![](/attachments/2013/10/31/04/550391_201310310409311.thumb.jpg)

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3rd Time in Ourense - even better results

This was the 3rd time i participated in the International Wushu Tournament of Ourense - Spain.First time i went as independent and won a Silver medal in Traditional double/sectional Weapons and a 4th place in Traditional Southern fist.Second year i went as a National Team member and won a Gold medal in Traditional double/sectional Weapons, a Bronze medal in Changquan and a 4th place in Jianshu.This year, again as a National Team member i ,once again, won the Gold medal in Traditional double/sectional Weapons, a Silver medal in Qiangshu and a 4th place in Changquan and decided to not participate in Jianshu even if i was allowed to.Next time it will be even better for sure.

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After Ourense's Championships

It was a very nice Tournament, a lot of good athletes.

I got 4th place in Jian Shu, 3rd place in Chang Quan and 1st place  in Traditional double/articulated weapons!!

Jian Shu i really sucked at it since there was a confusion and i was wating to compete in traditional and i had to run to Jian Shu to do the taolu, my mind was on the other Taolu and so i blocked and even improvised a part of it.

In Chang Quan it was nice, i think i could have done it better but actually i was pretty happy with the result.

And in Traditional double/articulated weapons i got the first place with my Shuang Bi Shou, with the stress of beeing running from this category to Jian Shu and from Jian Shu to this one really messed with my concentration, but since my Jian Shu went bad i think i got some more conviction to do my best in this one, and happily i got First place!

But now it's time to finish University! Lots of paperworks, tests and exams! But it is almost over! And i really hope it all ends now!!

Thank you for reading

Jorge M. Rodrigues

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To truly Win

"Winning or loosing is meaningless. In the end the only person you need to defeat is yourself."

-Wushu, young generation


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International Championship "cidad de Ourense"

Next stop - International Championship in Ourense - days 12 and 13

I'll be, alongside my team mates, representing Portugal.

This is, finnaly, the first time i will be in the Portuguese National Team. 

I'll be participating in Chang Quan, Jian Shu and Traditional double Weapons.

After this competition i shall think if i have the time to train for the Portuguese National Championship of Sanda, another chance to prove myself... essencially to me.


"When you are fighting alone, how do you know the winner?

Though you're not fighting anyone, those who choose to study Wushu have also chosen their opponent...Themselves.

For each time you compete, you must better your last performance."

-Wushu, Young Generation

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