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  • 《萬夫莫敵》Invincible Official MV

    Thursday, Oct 3, 2013 8:52PM / Standard Entry

    王梓軒 Jonathan Wong 《萬夫莫敵》Invincible Official MV

    Directed by Simon Yin

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-qFM7BQb_A


  • James Franco?

    Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 4:28PM / Standard Entry

    Yesterday was Day 1 of my MV shooting for one of my new songs "世界拆散我們". The director said this shot reminded him of US actor James Franco. Not sure I'm quite as handsome, but I'm pretty certain I could never cut my own arm off like he did in his film 127 Hours :P


  • "RISING" Concert - August 10-11, 2012!

    Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 4:09PM / Standard Entry

    Dearest friends and supporters, 

    As you all know, I will be having my first ever solo concert in Hong Kong...in three weeks!


    Date: August 10-11 (Fri-Sat), 2012 8PM

    Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Wanchai), Hall 5G

    Ticket prices: $480/$380/$180 HKD (+$12HKD handling)


    日期:2012810日、11 (五、六) 晚上8:00

    地點:香港會議展覽中心(灣仔)Hall 5G

    票價:$480 / 380 / 180 (須另繳付門票服務費予快達票之用,每張$12)

    You can buy tickets online at www.hkticketing.com.



    Thank you all in advance for your love and support! Couldn't have done this without you guys!


    感謝大家支持!為你 我歌 !!


    Until then, enjoy my concert theme song "Your Song" 




  • New album "RISING" launched!

    Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 3:52PM / Standard Entry

    Go get your copy at the nearest music retailer!

    Why I decided to name my fourth album "RISING":

    RISING 對我的意義是多層次和極之豐富的。 這代表了一種阻擋不了的上昇動力, 充滿生機和創意, 正是我在這個城市強烈感受到的音樂未來。

    我一向熱愛與不同風格的創作人合力製作音樂, 從中汲取了珍貴的養份, 實在是過程中最大的得益者! 我在邀請一系列的音樂人為這張專輯監製、作曲、填詞的同時, 亦强烈的意識到自己正在参與了一個「音樂起義」的聯盟。

    Eric KwokEdward Chan 張敬軒 陳台證方大同和我的啓蒙老師趙增熹, 都是在本地樂壇走得最前的音樂人, 他們各自以獨特的創作和演繹方式, 走出新音樂方向, 帶動新音樂文化。他們的參與, 體現了RISING這個概念, 讓「音樂起義」這個意識強烈的躁動起來。

    在我努力尋找音樂節奏的靈魂的同時, 非常幸運碰上了對新聲音、新音樂文化充滿熱情的填詞人: 崔惟楷、周耀輝、林若寧、小寒、陳詠謙、張敬軒、林夕, 都別具個性, 透過流行音樂為這個新世紀創作詩篇。

    “RISING” 和 超越

    以往創作專輯時都習慣以清晰的概念為藍本進行: 無論是以舞台感為中心的《超越聲音》﹐以融合東西方文化為主題的《超越東西》﹐抑或是以突破自我為主題的《超越格式》﹐都是依照這模式完成的。經過了三次的嘗試﹐我意識到這樣創作在不知不覺間給自己帶來了包袱。

    這些無形的包袱來自一種過份執著要達至完整概念所導致的局限和壓力。為了要超越過往《超越》系列的框框﹐我決定把之前所認識的王梓軒放下﹐找來了一些在音樂上自己信任的伙伴作自我挑戰﹐看能否透過他們的耳朵和觸覺發掘一把新聲音。收獲真是意想不到 - 新組合讓我盡情穿越了一個又一個的嶄新領域﹐戰勝了一個又一個的心魔;就連合作已久的戰友們都感受到這股力量的衝擊。

    原來創作音樂﹐若能勇敢豁出去﹐純然由心出發﹐就算沒有刻意修飾﹐方向也可以如此明確。回顧這一年的作品﹐我只能以 “RISING”來形容。“RISING” 從此就代表著那阻擋不了的靈感 以音樂起義的躍動。



  • New Beginnings

    Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 3:44PM / Standard Entry

    February 1, 2012 

    How time has flown!  With this article, I will have completed one whole year of sharing my thoughts with you, my readers.  Appropriately, this also marks my final submission as a writer to this column.  While I will surely miss you all, it is true that all things (even good ones) must come to an end.

    As is often the case in life, the end of one thing becomes the beginning of another.  For me, today has come to signify the official start to what is looking like an exciting new year of the dragon.  

    Now, is today really such a special day?  What makes today the official start and not tomorrow?  Why not the first of January?  Well, the answer is quite simple: it is because I said so.  I told myself that today would be the end to all the things I set out to cleanse my life of and that from this day forth, I will work harder to become the man I want to be.  I told myself that today and everyday after would become the most important days of my life.  I also told myself that today will become the end to everything I thought I knew and the first of many moments in personal re-discovery.  

    You may be curious as to where this sudden resolve comes from.  To be honest, I’m not entirely sure myself.  Maybe it’s my upcoming Mandarin album, solo concert, stage musical and other challenging career developments.  Maybe it’s my recent realization that I can and should be so much better for my family, loved ones and friends.  Maybe it’s all of the above.  What’s important though, is that I made a decision.  And you can too.

    If there’s something you don’t like in your life, change it.  If there’s something your heart says you need to do, do it.  If there’s something you want to be, be it.  You don’t need the New Year, your birthday, graduation or a promotion to tell you when you can change your life.  Today is the day.




  • Jonathan picked up both the piano and the violin at the age of 6 and began taking a serious interest in dance during his high school years in the U.S...


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