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Pray 823

Pray for the Hong Kong victims at Philippians. 8.23.

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C.C Showcase @ ACG HK video

video of the showcase!!


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C.C Showcase @ ACG HK

It was a great night having c.c summer collection presented on Gamania’s stage @ ACG HK 2010. Special thanks to Gamania, King Kazt, 11crew, MC Cherie and to all our lovely Models to make it happen! Thanks to all photographers as well. Love you all and wish you all the best!! -j

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c.c Summer Bliss

Chill out in this summer~~ remember to bring c.c with you.. he is waiting for you~~ :) All new collection is available at elevenaftereleven .

eleven after eleven

Address: DNA Galleria Shop 218B No. 61-65 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

c.c official website


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Melting Summer Series

HOT!! c.c summer collection is coming in store on JULY 1st!!Get the HOT STUFF tomorrow!!

It’s FRESH and AVAILABLE at  elevenaftereleven .

想要買到全新一季c.c 熱辣辣夏天系列, 請在明天7月1日到 elevenaftereleven .

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MJ Black Ribbon

MTV black ribbon design is done very well. Dedicated to MJ. PEACEVideo:

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Find Cotton Candy at …

Are you in the mood of playing hide-and-seek?

有心情跟  cotton candy 玩遊戲嗎?
cotton candy is going around in town right now. He is so bored… Today he came to have a nice coffee at Starbucks… which Starbucks? Ha Ha, he is asking you to find it out! He brought a drawing with him too! On his back, there’s an unfinished drawing by  4get. Help him to color the picture and send it back! You will get something for FREE!  :)cotton candy 在街上四處遊樂。。。他有點兒悶呀。。。今天到了一間Starbucks喝了一杯美味的咖啡~ 哪一間? 哈哈,他說要你自己找他出來! 他帶來了一幅圖畫。。。可是還沒有塗上顏色啊! 他想請你幫他完成作品, 寄回給圖畫的設計師 4get. 你將會得到一份免費神秘禮品呢!  :)(check anywhere / everywhere for  cotton candy! he maybe sitting right next to you!)

(留意身邊的每個角落啊~~  cotton candy 可能就在你附近!)enjoy in summer! cheers~~~cotton candy!![](/attachments/2010/06/11/00/415909_201006110034313.thumb.jpg)please help finishing the coloring!!

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What you need in Summer…

What do you need in Summer Time? —-> T-shirts!!

炎熱的夏天, 你需要什麼? —->T恤!!Come to our retail store “eleven after eleven” for our brand – c.c and free3irds T-shirts and Pants!

請到我們的售賣店”eleven after eleven”購買我們家 c.c 和 free3irds!!Looking forward to see you!  :) 等緊你呀!!  :)*送上2010夏天版c.c! (2010 summer c.c for you!)eleven after eleven @ DNAeleven after eleven

Address: DNA Galleria Shop 218B No. 61-65 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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為青海的同胞們祈禱…請大家立即行動, 踴躍捐款:商業電台送愛到青海

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Look Alike?!

Lately, you would probably see people wearing pok-dot “c” t-shirts on the street in Hong Kong. The t-shirt is 99% looking alike to our own brand ‘c.c’ animation collection in 2009.

Surprise me! The font and the little circle-like design on the right bottom are so much the same. I would like to say THANK YOU TO WHITE CHOCOOLATE. (WHITE CHOCOOLATE is much a better local brand in HK.) We got something in common! haha~ If you wanna get our t-shirt. It’s only available in eleven after eleven at DNA. ($100 each) Cheers! -j最近大家可能會發現一款“c”字波點圖案的T-shirt在香港街頭出現。T-shirt 的款式跟我們自家品牌”c.c”的2009年度動物系列很相似. 就連字款跟右下角的小圓圈都很像. 我看到的第一眼很驚訝呢!

不論如何, 很高興難得香港有名的WHITE CHOCCOOLATE 跟我們家都擁有很像的T-shirt 圖案。我們的taste 都很像吧! haha

如想購買我們自家的款式, 請記得到DNA 商場 2樓 “eleven after eleven” 店, 獨家發售! ($100)

-jc.c website

http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.comeleven after eleven, DNA store location

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