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Missing Jin...

Tomorrow is the day… prologue presents Wing Liu Photo “T” Exhibition. We will be launching Wing’s Photo T-shirts as well as his great photography in his pervious work. He will be showing a few different items with one of the hippest rapper – MC Jin!Come and see the work yourself tomorrow! Don’t forget it’s 9:00pm!! cheers!

1/F, No. 8 Cameron Rd., TST (MTR B2 Exit)Tel: 2366 9946(photo from Wing Liu)...Read more

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Dance Showcase on Aug 23!

Guys and Gals! We are going on " IDS Summer Street Dance Showcase 2009" on Aug 23! I am very excited!! We will be  launching our FIRSTstreet dance collection - " free3irds". If you are interested, please come and join us!Please visit IDS web for details:http://www.infinitydance.com.hkVideo: Read more

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Buddies Updated!!

I’ve added a few friends in the buddies page finally… haha! Thanks for you all who’ve been waiting! :) Check out their great talents on their webs! enjoy -j終於update左 buddies (好友連線) ! 多謝等我的朋友.. haha! :) 進入他們的網頁,看看他們的才華吧! -jhttp://prologueworks.com/html/buddies.htmlRead more

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It's a wrap...

The show is finally ended… We miss you ahtamTAM and your pandalalasss! It feels so empty now… Wish you all the best! We’ll meet sometime again, take care… please continue to make great works! fully supported! xxx終於要說再見了… 我們會掛念您的… ahtamTAM 和您的pandalalassss! xxx

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Fly with Cotton Candy! New apparel has arrived. Please come and check them out!一起來跟Cotton Candy 飛到太空中吧! 新貨已上架~ 請親臨prologue workshop!1/F, No. 8 Cameron Rd., TST, HK


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prologue presents Wing Liu Photo "T" Exhibition

We love exhibitions! After the great event on ahtamTAM, coming up on 7th Aug, we will have a T-shirts photo exhibition on photographer -  Wing Liu . More info will come.. stay tuned.我們愛上展覽會! 隨剛完結的ahtamTAM個人展後,在8月7日將為大家帶來攝影師-廖榮耀的相 “T” 展. 請繼續留意詳細內容.prologue workshop's website:http://prologueworks.comRead more

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It's coming...

the waiting is “almost” over… cotton candy is coming back next week!! stay tuned.cotton candy 很快又再跟大家見面! 敬請留意http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.com

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It's the FINAL WEEK on i.me.my.mine ahtamTAM exhibition. This is the last chance to see ahtam's great work. Please come! Don't miss it! :) 今個星期是 i.me.my.mine ahtamTAM 個人展的最後一個星期了. 請把握機會親臨觀賞ahtam的作品! :)1/F, No. 8 Cameron Rd, TST (MTR B2 Exit)尖沙咀金馬倫道8號1樓Tel: 2366 9946http://prologueworks.com

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Summer Sale!

Good News! We have started Summer Sale! come and grab a t-shirt in this hot summer!

好消息! 我們的夏季大減價正式開始! 快d上黎睇睇http://prologueworks.com

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sign sign sign.. Certificate

Did you know that there’s a certificate included in our special crossover t-shirt with ahtamTAM? It has signature from the artist – ahtamTAM who created little amie, and also jojo’s on creating cotton candy. It’s a remarkable highlight for our crossover. cheers~ :)如果您還不知道…其實在每一件與ahtamTAM 聯合推出的t-shirt 內都附上一張限量證明書~ 上面寫上了t-shirt 的號數和 little amie 的designer- ahtamTAM, cotton candy 的designer – jojo 的親筆簽名~~ 為的是要特別紀念今次的活動. 希望大家喜歡! Read more

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