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What A Wonderful World

Used to like rock musics, Linkin Park, Clod Play,  Marilyn Manson, Beyond, TaiChi... Rock was really good for my anger & nervous inside.  Or just because used to be young?

Jazz or gentle voices are good for mood, George Michale,  Ono Lisa,  IL Divo, Craig  David, and Lous Armstrong 'what a wonderful world'. Have deeper resonance after got  out of hospital for unexpected surgery recently.

Felt like deaf & blind while staied in a small white sickroom for nearly one month. Realized the most importance thing was not happiness or anger for living, but just health. You can't enjoy or hate while sufferring pains from body.

Thank God i've recoverred well enough to hear good music and living happy life again.

What A wonderful world

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
We're glad to have you back! ^__^
almost 13 years ago
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Thank you, Mark :)
almost 13 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
It's alright Jojo, we have plenty of time to get you slow back to listening to rock music hee hee.... I'm glad you're getting healthier again. 加油!
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
yes, the health is the most important thing. welcome back!
almost 13 years ago
Hi ^^ If u like rock...try Blind Guardian...european metal ^_~ And for relaxing music... ever listened to Blackmore's Night? It's renaissance music, very nice ^^ I like almost all the bands and singers u mentioned, jazz included..if u like Armstrong, u must like Ella Fitzgerald too, no?~
almost 13 years ago
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Hey, Andy, how a u? Glad see u here, i'm listening to Blackmore's Night and Ella Fitzgerald now, yes, i like them very much:) Pat & Ste, I really appreciated your great help and comfort during the hard time~~Thanks!
almost 13 years ago
hey jojo ^^ exhausted here, worked way too much today..and will keep the same till sunday -_-U Glad u like blackmore's night ^^ I'm listening to Meat Loaf now :p
almost 13 years ago



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