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The Importance Of Having A Genuine Car Insurance Policy

Motor insurance overview

Some motorists cringe at the mention of 'car insurance premium'. Consequently, high premiums in recent years is a major determining factor. The last couple of years has seen a sharp increase in car insurance premium through the UK- that obtaining a cheap premium has become unobtainable without concerted efforts on the part of motorists. 

However, though premiums are ever increasing, it's still a must for every motorist to have a car insurance cover.

Most countries practice compulsory car insurance for every motorists that drives a vehicle. Most importantly here in the United Kingdom, it is an essential requirement for every driver to have a valid cover for the sort of vehicle they are driving as regular checks are carried out daily by law enforcement agencies. 

There are two important reasons for having an insurance policy:

To protect you from any third-party claims that may arise as a result of your negligence- should you be the cause of an accident in which the third party has incurred a significant loss or damage to their property. 

Secondly, it is against the law in the UK to drive a vehicle without a valid insurance cover- offenders can have endorsements on their licence, get a fine, be disqualified from driving, or even imprisoned for severe and unique cases.

Disadvantages of having no insurance cover when driving avoid driving if you cannot afford an insurance cover on your vehicle. You risk the following if you're caught driving without a cover: 

1, Having points on your driving licence can prevent you from some driving jobs- most employers in the UK require a clean and points free licences to take up various positions in the organisation.

2, Driving without an insurance premium do lead to driving bans if convicted by the local authorities.

3, Most times, offenders do get away with minimal or even massive fines for not driving with a valid insurance cover. 

4, In some exceptional cases persistent offenders can spend time behind bars.Things to consider before taking out a policy 

New drivers looking to obtain cover for the very first time can easily find it confusing. An insurance policy document can be a bit complicated for new drivers attempting to buy a policy on their own but for more experienced drivers, it's easy and straight forward. 

Notwithstanding, there are vital components to analyse before settling for a particular policy. These are just a few of the many factors to consider: 

  • What level of cover would be suitable for your situation? the three basic level of cover include- third party, third party cover and theft and comprehensive policy. 

  • Most insurers in the UK require excess- level of excess is the amount you contribute towards repairing your car when you're involved in an accident. Voluntary excess is not mandatory while compulsory excess is 

  • Avoid settling for the first quote that comes your way, otherwise, you'll lose out on cheap deals. Compare as many quotes possible.

  • Always check the special conditions (European coverage, Are you allowed to drive other cars, courtesy car) contained within your policy so you don't breach any of them unknowingly Ways to lower your car insurance premium

One major fact motorists fail to acknowledge is the non-existence of a cheapest motor insurer. There are basically too many conditions that influence the price of motor insurance coverage: where you live, your occupation, do you have a clean driving record?, the type of car you drive are some of the many factors that determine how much premium you pay for a policy. You are now compelled to get the most affordable motor insurance deal possible by:

  • Purchasing a vehicle that is within a low insurance group. Some examples of cars within the low insurance group bracket includes: Vauxhall Corsa, Fiat Punto and Nissan Micra because of their small engine sizes. Obviously, the bigger the engine size of the vehicle the more power it generates and the higher the insurance premium.

  • Increase your excess: Apparently, the higher your level of excess the lower your policy and the lower your excess the higher your premium. Resist the temptation of inflating it, stick with an amount you're comfortable with.

  • Parking your vehicle in a garage overnight can help lower your premium. Keeping the risk of damage, theft and burglary to a minimum is what insurance companies prefer, so they reward drivers with lower premiums. 

  • Installing security gadgets like tracker, alarm and immobiliser often reduce or prevent theft of vehicles as such insurance companies reward drivers with such security measures with discount premiums on their policy.

  • Using price comparison websites to shop and compare quotes helps you save money and valuable time- websites like  car insurance at http://www.cheapcarinsurancex.org/ enables you to compare up to 110 companies within a few minutes, all done by filling one quote form.

Final thought driving whilst under insurance protection is a lot cheaper than driving without one: The consequence of not having an insurance policy on the car you drive can be quiet costly when involved in an accident. 

These are typical examples of risks you may encounter for not insuring your vehicle in the first place: third party claims for litigation, your vehicle being impounded by local authorities and many more. On the other hand, insuring your vehicle only gives you peace of mind and away from trouble.

Do ensure your vehicle is insured at all times before you put it on the road.Where to obtain cheap quotes for your policy.

These days cheap car insurance quotes can be hard to come by if you do not have the nerve and persistent to search for one. Green car insurance sites like cheapcarinsurancex.org offers quotes comparison service. 

You can also get lower quotes for your pay as you go car insurance and  student car insurance comparison at cheapcarinsurancex.org.

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