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That first interview for actors seeking representation

So here we are, in the office expecting the next actor to impress us enough to be added to our roster of talent. What happens?  A frendly greeting, a few niceties and then boom, the cold read.

So many actors with so many voices for such a simple task, but wait....same old, same old. It really does sadden me, or us, to have to break the news to a young actor so full of spunk and confidence that the read they just did was flat, or plain, or just a bad read. Some can take the critique, but most leave with the look of their worst fear realised, that they were not good enough. Sadly, several are just not good enough to make it, but some just are not ready.

The really sad part is that they do have potential, but are just not ready to hit the career path running. Of these fewpotentials, we often never hear from them again. They leave like we just pissed on their dreams and shattered their illusion of self confidence. In some instances, that is enough to end it for them as actors. If they cannot take a little critique, then they would never last in the dog eat dog, actor screw actor world of audition hell.

Actors and talent must do their research, and practice, practice, practice! A cold read is the same as any audition. If you do not show some insight and personal creativity in the read, then you can never be more than an SOC or background player. Every audition is an opportunity to create and show what you create is special, better than anyone else in the world at that time and place, and to prove it. Never save it for the call back or you will never get one, period.

And take notes! Every audition and cold read is an opportunity to learn and better your skills, so you bloody well better take notes and change what needs changing and follow the directoions given. Look for the subtle hints as to what the character is supposed to be and what they would be doing, thinking and feeling not just to their lines, but reacting to the characters actions and dialog. What is going on with them 1 minute ago, 2 miinutes prior, or even 30 or 240 minutes prior to that moment. What were they doing this morning or last week that would affect their reactions. Every experience adds layers to the performance and it is work, so work at it because anyone out or grade school can read the lines. Acting is action, so move. You do not have to jump up and run around, but the whole body is a canvas that communicates in motion, so move it. Arms fingers, hands, eyes, head turns, every movement tells a story so you had better start thinking about the whole character and body, not just the mouth with gumms and lips flapping.

If you want to make the grade, you had better be ready to be put to the test, and pass. I know that they do not intend to waste our time so I don't want to destroy anyones' dream, but I don't want anyone to accidentally waste our time either.

Just a rant, again.( queue the refernce to TDK)



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