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  • S.H.E in Town S.H.E in Town

    Friday, Feb 27, 2009 11:31PM / Standard Album
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    More than 3,000 fans miss S.H.E dearly.

    On a terrible humid weather at 12PM upon my arrival, the queue had surrounded half of East Point Shopping Centre to a size of a football field at the back.

    This time round, they came as being DJ host cum autograph. I think this different movement  is an unique exposure for their career. Pretty interesting and comical Ella does her moves & expressions. The cool princess Hebe truly has a cool attitude - attractive I must say. Selina's high voice pitch can seriously melt ChongQing! haha~ she even emonstrated how it is done to 'sai nai' .

    With the fans who had queued for many hours finally approached S.H.E for autograph with album. I bet their hands must be really tired. While queuing, the fans were crazily seizing taking pictures but there wasn't much time hence the fans had to quicken the pace. S.H.E also move very fast to leave the venue.

    The next destination was at Causeway Point to meet. Close to the end, fans gave her a surprise by celebrating her bday earlier. Very thoughtful. I bet she is moved to being shy. That is why its call a surprise!

    Well, the day had turned even longer than usual due to the humid weather. I was dead beat tired after another venue to run to.


  • New Era Rocker - 张芸京 New Era Rocker - 张芸京

    Monday, Dec 22, 2008 2:32AM / Standard Album
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    The New Era of Rocker - 张芸京.

    Taiwanese 24yo - Started Pensauce band with friends as Lead Singer. Then move into participating 'Super Idol' in Taiwan. Good Vocal ~  Thumbs up !!

  • Paul Wong & Sai Wing Live Stage in Singapore (8 Nov 08) - Best Music Live in Them Paul Wong & Sai Wing Live Stage in Singapore (8 Nov 08) - Best Music Live in Them

    Sunday, Nov 30, 2008 1:36AM / Standard Album
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    Though there was a bad start but they have soothe/cool me off after the concert ended. Even it was the organsier, Horizon Entertainment Music made this Live stage happen but I must say they are not professional enough - Should I say they didn't even dare to admit their mistake?

    Sai Wing was really busy. Opening solo & carried on with guitar & drum. Both brought their own band & was really awesome.

    In comparison to Farewell Live Concert they've grown matured. Paul's vocal has improved to the next level again - even more heart clenching & I was moved within.  

    Especially the premier seating fans were still running high. non stop jumping, singing & flagging Beyond's famous hand sign - LOVE/PEACE.  This time there was 2 Encores ~ Superb gig. Pity/sad to end off with Paul's comment 'This is really the last song'.  

    Everything has two sides - good and bad. This is really a bad experience -  angry & cheated. In fact, I heard many comment. So damn hard to wait till their Live, it had to be me who got into anger & disappointment. Hosts told us it was the organiser's last minute decision to reallocate seats to much further sight from original seat. I'm still damn sure it was a lower pricing seat. Till now, they have not gotten back to me about checking on the different pricing of the seats. Furthermore, they kept claiming it was Hongkong organiser who made the decision instead. So in another words, pushing the blame to someone else?


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