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张芸京 Blog - For Spore Fans

Many may not know or familiar with this name - 张芸京。 But her music is already played on the radio, 933FM. The feedback is pretty good where many people dedicate this song to their dear ones.

Met quite a handful of people who share liking of her vocal & music. Strongly recommend to listen to her 主打歌:黑裙子. Really tested & made her go all the way to her vocal limit - created by her senior 胡彦斌。Quite a handful of composers/singers who had specially tailored this album for her.

I truly believe she's the new Evolu...Read more

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Cant wait to see Paul & Sai Wing on stage LIVE.  Bought the tickets for 8th November but guess what! the front seats were selling damn fast ! I was only offered the back rows. They will be miniature to take photos of them.

Keep fingers crossed this time round I can take better shots of them. :D

Counting down to see them. If pictures turn out well, i will definitely post them up!

I can even dream about them! Never will get enough ! Hahah,,

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LiFe Is LiKe MuSiC !!!

Too many pple say 'Life is like a stage' , or even 'Life is like a Box of Chocolate',,, So how much truth is there embedded eh!?

To my own intrepretation, I think its more apt to 'Life is LIke Music' ,,, Think abt it or juz simply Glance thru,,,  All the sentimentals : joy, anger, sorrow, happiness. These aint just one emo but mixed. This is what Paul taught me especially thru his songs......... Rock Juz Simply Spice Them Up !!!

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