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Many may not know or familiar with this name - 张芸京。 But her music is already played on the radio, 933FM. The feedback is pretty good where many people dedicate this song to their dear ones.

Met quite a handful of people who share liking of her vocal & music. Strongly recommend to listen to her 主打歌:黑裙子. Really tested & made her go all the way to her vocal limit - created by her senior 胡彦斌。Quite a handful of composers/singers who had specially tailored this album for her.

I truly believe she's the new Evolution in the music industry. Not only she has her own style - rock but also could see her other side - gentleness in all the songs I have heard in her very FIRST album that was out for sale in Taiwan islandwide on 8th May 2009.

Her schedules were superbly packed during that period to schools, TV variety shows... That really had affected her health a fair bit especially one who has asthma.

Last but not least, I once again strongly recommend to check her out & not forgetting to check our revamping website @     Do give us the support !!!!


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Cant wait to see Paul & Sai Wing on stage LIVE.  Bought the tickets for 8th November but guess what! the front seats were selling damn fast ! I was only offered the back rows. They will be miniature to take photos of them.

Keep fingers crossed this time round I can take better shots of them. :D

Counting down to see them. If pictures turn out well, i will definitely post them up!

I can even dream about them! Never will get enough ! Hahah,,

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LiFe Is LiKe MuSiC !!!

Too many pple say 'Life is like a stage' , or even 'Life is like a Box of Chocolate',,, So how much truth is there embedded eh!?

To my own intrepretation, I think its more apt to 'Life is LIke Music' ,,, Think abt it or juz simply Glance thru,,,  All the sentimentals : joy, anger, sorrow, happiness. These aint just one emo but mixed. This is what Paul taught me especially thru his songs......... Rock Juz Simply Spice Them Up !!!

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