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Going back into the studio soon... but first a little getting the rust out at the Karaoke bar!

That's right people, you heard right.  Joe Fiorello (aka Joe Theoretical) is getting back into the studio to start cranking out some more ill tracks for all yous to move yo booties to!  Word!

I'll be working with my homie Arne Venema, who just finished producing a few new tracks with one of Hong Kong's hottest rappers ever (not sure if I'm supposed to spill the beans yet, ...Read more

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More "Crazy from Kong" episodes! Magic Masala Chips and Frozen Coke

More reviews from Crazy From Kong!

We reviewed our first ever product from India.... Lays India's Magic Masala Chips (Crisps for you British folk).  Check out this video and be a little "Dillogical" with Spencer and me.

Also, Check out our attempt at Bollywood dancing at the end.

Video: Read more

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"King of Bullshit" at long last, available online for all to see!

The wait is at long last over... we've finally decided to release our 2009 48 Hour Film Project entry online for all to see.  Check out the project that was my introduction into Hong Kong Independent cinema.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqVATRw4OfE Also, this film is not just a landmark project because of it being my first film in Hong Kong, but it also happens to contain my first ever on s...Read more

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"Green Tea Kit Kat" by Crazy From Kong! Starring Me!... wait, huh?

That's right folks.  If you're noticing something new in this new video from Crazy From Kong, besides the product being reviewed, you're not going mad.  That's not Arne Venema next to Spencer Douglass, it's yours truly, Joe Fiorello!!!

I hope you will enjoy this... my debut performance as co-host of Crazy From Kong, as we review Green Tea Kit Kat.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/w...Read more

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"Six Characters..." a look back at a splendid theatrical run

This past Sunday was the end of an era of my career as an actor.  We finished our theatrical run of "Six Characters in Search of an Author"

... and, from what I've been told, nearly made Hong Kong independent theater history.  Six performances in the entire run and we were but a mere 3 tickets away from selling out the ...Read more

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My formerly white AnD hat.... a work in progress???

Most out there probably know that I'm not usually a trucker hat type, but to show the support for the AnD crew, I had decided to buy my first hat for fashion purposes (as opposed to the trucker hats we wore back in little league baseball).

I decided to go with white because I figured it would stand out nicely in the dimly lit interiors of industry parties, further highlighting and bringing attention to the publicity hungry artist underneath the hat.  ; )

When I first bought it, the hat l...Read more

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Opening Night a Success!!!

That's right!  Our sold out Opening Night performance of "Six Characters in Search of an Author" was a raging success!  People laughed, cried, were weirded the f*ck out... and absolutely loved this quirky, reality bending story of six characters from an unfinished play searching for a new author to finish bringing them to life and interrupting work on a drama-documentary (or is it a docu-drama?  What's the difference again.  hehe).

I took a bunch of pics behind the scenes before going on.... but I forgot m...Read more

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New Crazy From Kong video ! In Japanese!!!

That's right!  The first ever Japanese language episode of Crazy from Kong!  Check out this review of Strawberry Rice Cakes!  Awesome, regardless of whether you understand the language or not.

Check out Spencer and Arne in the their landmark 42nd Episode of Crazy From Kong!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2ZjvN3S4Ak[http://www.youtu...Read more

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I got my first bit of Hong Kong press!!!!

Well, it was only a matter of time before it finally happened.... I got my face in a Hong Kong newspaper!  Woohoo!

South China Morning Post wrote a little article about the upcoming run of "Six Characters in Search of an Author."  They even put up a picture of the cast and crew.  Check it out....

If you're having a heard time finding me, jus...Read more

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