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Style by @stbyolcaygulsen_hk

@bulletfilmsofficial #STbyOlcayGulsen #StyleRevolution

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Awesome #hike today! Thanks again @nissamarion & Andy! ???

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Awesome #hike today! Thanks so much again @nissamarion & Andy! ???

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MillenniumMethod group session with Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom

Have you really kick-started 2016 yet? If not, the Lunar New Year is just around the corner. A great opportunity for a fresh start.

Now is the time to let go of all our old patterns, beliefs, insecurities, fears, worries, doubts and stress that are holding us back to create what we want for the new year!

Join us for a #MillenniumMethod group session where we work together to release those ineffective issues so that you can become more:

Empowered Resilient Versatile Confident L...Read more

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Thank you so much to the super #awesome @bulletfilmsofficial #family for an #amazing #ChineseNewYear #dinner! ?? #Love ya guys & extremely #grateful to you all for everything! Wishing you all an absolutely #fabulous 2016 year of the #monkey! ❤️? @donnieyenofficial @sweetcil @jessjann @ngpeco @talietalie @elaineningningmeow @littlewhitemakeup @harrylam @janice.jann

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So much #fun with ya dear in the #flower market! ? Thank you! ?? @vyvy226 @anthonysandstrom @bulletfilmsofficial #hongkong

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Yay #ChineseNewYear is almost here! ? Absolutely #love the #gorgeous display & theme this year at @pacificplacehk! Especially love the #blessings that knots bring to us & everyone this #CNY! Best place to celebrate! ❤️

pacificplacehk #EveryBondMatters #ppcny #shanghaitang #platdujour @bulletfilmsofficial @anthonysandstrom

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hair & #makeup done...now off to shoot! Have a #beautiful day everyone! ?

@bulletfilmsofficial #behindthescenes #bts

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Exciting close game tonight ending in a tie...great game #IceWolves!

hockey #hockeylife @anthonysandstrom

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I must honour my shadow as much as I honour my light because my shadow teaches me lessons I can overcome with light. ? "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious" - Carl Jung

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