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23 feb 2017. ?

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This was so much fun.

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7am morning runs are never a bad idea

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When it’s an early wrap up with the cast? #thisneverhappens #filming #movie #actorslife #hkmovie

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With this sweetheart who plays young me and yes, she is much much taller than me. ???

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All laughs on set❤️

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Fun times on set! ?

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Do what you love. I know it’s easier said than done but if you know it’s right, it’s probably right. ?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you❤️ Thank you for showing me so much love during my 9 months here. You’ve all made it a very special and memorable one. I am so grateful to have met every single one of you (and many more whom I didn’t get to say goodbye to!). But I am most grateful for all the friendships that I will cherish and never forget. I love you all and will definitely miss you guys??

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