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Please for the love of all things Hong Kong show your support! Preserve our heritage!

Conserve our historical 'Old' Central and SoHo district* Stop tearing down our heritage!I know all you Lan Kwai Fongers know what this proposal

is talking about. Would it be the same if everytime you

walk past Prive along Hollywood Road the Central Police

Station is no longer the distinctively colonialized architecture?

Or on Wellington Street when you take the corner after Tsui

Wah towards SoHo and the markets on either side of Ladder

Street  aren't there anymore?  Hong Kong is a celebration

of an East meets West culture. Let's keep it ALIVE n NOT DEAD

(ha ha ) by letting our voices be heard! This is the first proposal

after the Queen's Pier incident the Town Planning Board

has been asked to decide upon protecting a whole area.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE show your support by either

emailing the Town Planning Board at the address provided

below or post your comments on their

website at http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/plan_application/Y_H3_3.html (not a link...pls copy n paste)There's a lot more areas and separate buildings that need to

be preserved but this is the first of many proposals to come!

Make sure you show your support by AUGUST 29TH 2008!!!**** Town Planning Board is asked to protect ‘Old Central' as a Special

Design Area

Last Friday (8 August 2008), the Town Planning Board published a

rezoning application (number Y/H3/3) by the Central & Western District

Concern Group for the preservation of the 'Old City of Hong Kong',

including Graham Street, Hollywood Road, and SoHo.The public can make its views known. [Click here to express your support

on the Town Planning Board website BEFORE](http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/plan_application/Y_H3_3.html)[29 August 2008](http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/plan_application/Y_H3_3.html)[.](http://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/plan_application/Y_H3_3.html)For the first time ever, the Town Planning Board is asked to decide on

protecting an entire area, Hong Kong's ‘Old' Central District, to be

zoned as a "Special Design Area":*Keep the original street layout ofHong Kong'sOld Cityintact. *Limit the height (maximum 12 storeys) and bulk of buildings to a

human-scale and design.   *Designate specific streets as "market streets". *Retain Graham/Peel/Gage/Staveley/Gutzlaff Streets as a functioning

street market; *Let continue to operate; *Keep the character in line with historic buildings such as the Central

Police Station; the Bishop's House onLower Albert Road; Man Mo

Temple; and other features of the Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail. *Encourage organic regeneration by a diverse group of many

smaller property owners. *Limit the development *Improve open space, improve traffic, air quality and natural light.

Katty Law andJohn Batten, Convenors of the Central & Western Concern

Group, explain: "Our application allows regeneration of this wonderful

area and ensures that the sense of community, market vibrancy and

open space is retained. We must acknowledge the historic character

and protect this through zoning."

Express your support: SafeguardGraham Street, Hollywood Road,SoHoand adjoining areas

Express your support for the rezoning application with an email to[the

Town Planning Board at tpbpd@pland.gov.hk](/mailto:tpbpd@pland.gov.hk) before 29 August 2008(quote application Y/H3/3).


Or click here to comment via the Town Planning Board website.


Further details about this application Please visit  http://www.centralandwestern.org/  or contact the Central

& Western Concern Group: Katty Law ( ktylaw@gmail.com),John Batten( batten@netvigator.com)

This community project has professional planning support from Masterplan Limited

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Yeah I so want to say places and things back in the days are all gone or renovated. - Back in the days where the to-fu fa guys use to ride their bike in kowloon tong shouting out tufo fa like in the western world where the ice cream truck use to go round the hood. But this is the Chinese version for it...now due to health regulation...that old man is not around anymore...very dissappointing.
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