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Blog: Monday, Aug 11

An internship with Daniel Lee+ Dov Simen's 2 Day Film School=a lot of thinking bout possible future endeavors

Having gone into a media arts course in uni by chance and majoring in documentary, I never really thought about taking up film. However, my internship with Daniel Lee has kind of opened up some doors to paths I previously would not have considered. Although I only spent a month and a week working at his office, he and the rest of the crew have taught me a tremendous amount on what the film industry can and should be about. At times, the stories that are shared over lunch and dinners can be frightening..... but they can also be enticing. I can't confidently say that I'd like to be a director some day .... but it's definitely a possibility I'd like to consider. There's just so much exploring that needs to be done both mentally and practically. I feel like I still don't know enough bout this industry and I'm definitely lacking in experience. I've only got one more year before I grad and i'm really starting to shit myself. What am I gonna do when i come back home for good? What's a BA in Media Arts gonna do for me? It aint like the ppl I'm gonna try to get a job with is gonna give a shit what degree I'm holding ......but I would like to think that it'll help..even if it's jus a lil bit.

So I can't thank Daniel Lee enough for giving me an opportunity to learn from him this summer and I'm more than happy to volunteer at his Chinese Calligraphy classes for underprivileged children every weekend (Yes this is a director who actually cares and puts his words into action)....which is a bonus really since I get to do some Chinese & calligraphy learning myself (it's about time I learnt some Chinese ).

Dov's 2 Day Film School also put a lot of thoughts into my head. It was more of a producer's crash course which was perfect since I wouldn't have been exposed to any of that since I'm majoring in doc.

Documentary or film? I'm definitely still feeling strong bout documentary but I'm not eliminating film as I had previously done so. There's just no telling where things could go from now............

The office (I actually kinda miss going to work )

My desk @ work - multi-tasking: trying to dub VHS to DV, Editing K-1 & UFC clips for Daniel's speech at Book convention (Buakaw, you STILL THE SHIT! ), burning Fight Quest for Daniel.

These kids have no idea how lucky they are

This girl has got mad talent! first class n already she's gangsta!

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Wow.. I need to take a calligraphy class! know any good ones in HK?
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Hey, congrats to your boss for winning at the Asian Film Awards. A bunch of us were there live to see it. He seems like a nice down to earth guy, he's the only up on stage in Jeans.
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