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Anime-Comic Convention

Every year there seems to be an increasing number of ppl attending the comic con and having been to the last two, I can't say that I have quite grasped the culture or dare I say obsession with it all. I give props to the cartoon/comic artists n toy designers who exhibit their creations. A lot of their work is just awesome to see but I don't understand those kids who sit on the floors around the arena (esp. the ones outside the toilets) playing with their PSPs n NDSs. As for the ppl who didnt make it into the cosplay competition but still parade themselves in skimpy costumes n what not...it seems to me the convention is nothing but their excuse to be a celebrity for a day....

Mojo Jo Jo look alike

Equestrian Ci Boy Q-Ban AVP Requiem figures White out, ball point pens & an old school desk is all this artist needs

Back in the day, every kid's fav comic...i miss Lo Fu Gees

Battle for the pole during rush hour on the MTR

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