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Don't pay if it's not fashionable! Don't pay if your skin is oily!|不潮不用花錢, 不油也不用花錢!!!|不潮不用花钱, 不油也不用花钱!!!

Artists often use oil-absorbing sheets for their face, but have you ever see this? Oil-absorbing sheets that look like money! Now that is cool!

Put it in a fake purse with a lot of credit cards - now that's real "fashion"! Hahaha.

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To Be Or Not To Be...

“Doesn't JJ look like a Clown?”

My family and friends back in Singapore sent me an article recently. The article questioned my new image and suggested I had a style that was “a colorful riot of clashing plaid patterns” and that I looked “more like a clown than an artist”.

If the article had been anywhere else, I would not have been that hurt or disappointed. But it came from my homeland…

“To be or not to be, that is ...Read more

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“Happy” is Continuing!|"快樂"繼續!|"快乐"继续!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your 100% enthusiastic support for my sixth album, “Sixology.” I want to announce that we are starting a new “limited edition of happy CD launch” promotion and  would like to invite everyone to participate!Time: Immediately — complete collection of 1000 photos.

Activity: Hold the new JJ Lin album, “Sixology”, in your hand, and take a headshot of yourself to enter....Read more

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Running around|跑來跑去|跑来跑去

Promoting my album, first stop is Guangzhou! There’ll be a lot of jumping around this time, so please pay attention!  Catch me if you can!  Hahaha

Class has begun!  Imitating myself in the poster, same, same?

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*picture taken from honeyee.com

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5 days to JJ Sixology...

JJ Sixology album promotion across Asia had officially began!

This time's inteniary is packed and full, everyone please place close attention!

At the backstage of my performance in Guangzhou, my self emotionally intoxicating moment was secretly caught on camera!

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JJ 陸!

*##[ JJ Sixology ] 10/18 officially issued across Asia- Need not to preorder, just directly purchase  To the fans:10/18 officially issued across Asia, need not to preorder, just directly purchase. (The first set of limited series issued version)10/20 Hong Kong Asia-wide album issuing conference ( see you all in Hon...Read more

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