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Matsutake gohan (松茸ごはん)

I ate a bowl of matsutake gohan last night.

Known as matsutake gohan in Japanese, matsutake mushroom rice is seasoned rice with matsutake mushroom. One of the "Autumn tastes" of Japan is matsutake mushroom !

Well, the weather has suddenly become cooler. When I went shopping with my sister yesterday afternoon, I happened to c...Read more

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Long time no update.

Hi. Now I would like to share my story about what I've been doing lately.

Well, I hardly know where to start...

Actually I was seeing four doctors for five illnesses, but I get away with only two illnesses now. I think I'm getting better. Naturally I have to avoid exacerbation of those illnesses, so I still have to go back to those doctors for follow-up.

I took a sightseeing trip to Kanazawa this month, having been invited by my best friend mew.

We visited many noted places like the Kenrokuen Garde...Read more

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Hope you all still remember me!

Dear All,

I just want to say thank you all for your kind words, and I apologize for being unable to visit to AnD in order to concentrate on treatment at this time. Now I have some mild illness, and I'm still under the doctor's watch. I have to visit to several hospitals every week, so

I just can't find time to use the Internet like I used to. That's going to continue for a while. :(

But don't worry, I'm OK.:) Needless to say, I remember you all and I hope to come back to AnD aga...Read more

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Chicken Sashimi

I had dinner at the restaurant in Osaka last evening.

This is chicken sashimi. I think it isn't popular enough between people, but I like it!

"If you go to Japan, you should try chicken sashimi !!" is what I'd like to say, but maybe I should not recommend it, because there is a possibility that you get food poisoning by eating chicken sashimi... Read more

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The emergency number 110

Last Wednesday morning, I contacted a police station on my cell-phone for the first time. This is a truth that sounds like a lie!

On the way to work, a woman on a bicycle came over from a small alley, and was screaming for help, "Somebody ! Help me ! Please catch a purse snatcher !". She came out and spoke to me, "I had my bag snatched away on the road. Please call the police if you have a cell phone! Now!!". Needless to say, she is in panic mode. No one else is around...

My mind was foggy from lac...Read more

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Nijo castle night time illumination

On Mar 31, I visited Nijo castle (二条城) to see night time illuminated cherry blossoms after work.

Night viewing of illuminated trees is popular among tourists and locals! I wanted to see cherry trees in full bloom, but I guess it was too early to visit there because the cherry blossoms hadn't bloomed beautifully.

Nijo castle (二条城)

Read more

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Kyoto National Museum and Sanjusangendo Temple

I visited the Kyoto National Museum(京都国立博物館) to appreciate art last month.

The art exhibition called " Treasures of the Habsburg Monarchy(ハプスブルグ展)" was held at there for about two months. I thought the museum bec...Read more

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Oh!!! :-O

I'm glad I could visit AnD for the first time in months today !!!

I have more work recently, so I had been too busy.

Oh, I completely forgot that I have my birthday on March!!! :-O Sorry, and I want to say thank you to everyone that has given me kindly messages and birthday wishes! So there will be no misunderstanding, needless to say, I remember all of you, my friends!!!

My job keeps me busy all the time,so I didn't have time to visit here.I'm facing the painful task...Read more

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Happy Belated New Year!

:::Happy Belated New Year! ::: I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2010, a bit belatedly !

As you can see, I was too busy to do anything and very tired last year because I had some troubles on labor problem which was much more time consuming than I expected.

So I hope I'm able to post more blogs here this year, and I want to chat with my friends on AnD, after the dust settles... And...I'll try to cut overtime hours from n...Read more

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Pumpkin Pikachu

I should have posted this pic on my blog on Halloween...

Friend of mine who is called "M" gave me the strange stuff when I visited Tokyo last month.

(This is just an aside, her nickname bear no relation to the 007 series!)

We have known each other for a long time, and I meet her whenever I visit Tokyo.She is a big fan of Pikachu ...Read more

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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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