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video games

...Do you like video games?

Though I didn't play games for a long time,I played yesterday after a long time.

I love each series of " Crash Bandicoot" and " Biohazard" and " Read more

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about my favorite comics

My favorite comics are " Ginga:Nagareboshi Gin(銀牙~流れ星 銀)"and" Ginga Legend Weed(銀牙伝説ウィード)" authored by Yoshihiro Takahashi(高橋よしひろ)!! Lots of dogs appears in these comics,all dogs whom he draw are attractive.He stress the importance of justice and spirit of Robin Hood,feeli...Read more

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electrical appliances

We received a new air conditioner last week!! ( nearly weep for joy)Since then,I'm able to sleep a great deal!

The week before last,I dripped with p...Read more

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"Rush Hour 3"

"Rush Hour 3" premiered today in Japan.I went to the movie theater to watch it with my sister. I liked this movie!!

Read more

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born worrier

There are a lot of people in this AnD site,so I remember everyone's image by each of profile pic.

Do you often change your profile pic?

My profile pic is a black frog all up until now.I guessed other people also remember me by black frog,so I thought I had better not change my own pic.

That said,I'm not eager to particularly make my page even more famous in AnD site.This is because I think that it's enough for me now !

BTW, I hadn't been feeling well ne...Read more

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Air conditioner of my house broke the other day.I can hardly sleep since then.I'm feeling dizzy,and I feel as if I became a zombie .

I can't wait to get away from the sweltering heat...We will receive new air conditioner tomorrow.I keep saying to myself in recent days "Have a little more patience..."

I was drawing certain person for several days back.But my work is not progressing as much as I hoped. So, I'll begin to draw it again after Tuesday !!

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Japanese samurai

I noticed one fact when I saw my visitor's list today.

Terence stopped by my page yesterday for the first time... :-oIt shouldn't be, but that's the thing.I was thinking he would never come and see my page.So I wrote this in commemoration,because I think that he don't visit here in the future.haha!!

BTW I didn't know Terence play a Japanese samurai until after I read his blog.When I saw his photo,I was very glad.But I automatica...Read more

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Bon vacation(お盆休み)

In Japan,during the Bon period, many people receive company holidays.If I'm a major company member , I must be take a long vacation.But my company follow the business of catering trade,so my vacation is short.My vacations are only two days!! Oh... But during the period,I need tidying my room...Because I have a lot of CD, VCD, and DVD.

Well,do you have any movie's book(pamphlet)?Usually when we go to movie theater,we can buy book of concerning that movie.Oh,those are not sold in ...Read more

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quack doctor ?

Daniel broke his leg the other day.That reminded me that I broke my leg a long time ago.

At that time, I was working for a small bookstore.It happened when delivering the books to the customer.My right ankle swelled up at once,but I thought that I sprained it.I went to the orthopedics department near the bookstore and got the doctor's opinion.

In the end,I realized my right ankle was not sprain,but sprain fracture.When I was shocked to hear the fact, my mind became a complete blank,because I had never fractured...

B...Read more

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the movie theater

  My sister is a  big fan of Chow Yun-Fat(周潤發). So I had to go to the movie theater to see "Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End," with my sister the other day.  Though we bought an advance tickets in other times,we guessed that the movie theater will be crowded because this is a popular movie. So,when the number of people who go to see this ...Read more

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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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