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world heritage sites : part 4 - Kiyomizu temple (清水寺)

I was really busy,so I had no time for using the Internet for several days...

When I walked on "Nene-road (ねねの道)",I found out the torii gate of Kyoto Ryozen Gokoku Shrine(京都霊山護國神社).

I was thinking of going to the shrine a few minutes ago,but I realized I don't have enough power to climb up the steep slope already when I looked up there. I learnt that I mustn't do push myself too hard when I went to Daigoji temple (醍醐寺)the other day,so I gave up going there...

And when I walked on Ninen-zaka(二年坂),I saw Maiko san and Geiko san again!

(Ninen-zaka/二年坂) This pedestrian road is called Ninen-zaka (二年坂),there is lined on both sides with traditional Kyoto-style houses of merchants and souvenir shops.And there is steep steps on this road.For your information,according to one tradition,if someone stumbles and falls here,that person will die in less than 2 years.But this tradition just provide people with the warning that "Be careful not to slip and fall here",so you don't have to worry about that...( maybe).

(Sannen-zaka/三年坂) And there are also several sloping walkways such as Sannen-zaka (三年坂 or 産寧坂),Gojo-zaka (五条坂) and chawan-zaka (茶わん坂) which are pilgrimage routes to the Kiyomizu Temple.

The area covering Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka has been designated an important traditional architecture preservation area by the national government.Many souvenir shops and restaurants line with the slopes.You can buy various kinds of cinnamon cookie dough (八つ橋),Japanese pickles (漬け物),kiyomizu-ware and more.Some shops offer visitors some samples with pickles and tea etc, so don’t hesitate to try them!

This shop which is called " Yojiya(よーじや)" is popular with the ladies,and quite famous for especially oil blotting paper! They handle various cosmetics such as lipstick and soap etc,and I heard that many of Maiko san use those cosmetics habitually.

(the Nio gate/仁王門) Finally I arrived at Kiyomizu temple.As you know,Kiyomizu temple is famous for ceramics and  Kiyomizu-yaki.This Nio gate has been designated as an important national cultural asset.

(Amida Hall/阿弥陀堂)

(Three-storied Pagoda/三重塔 )

(The main hall which is the famous for "butai of Kiyomizu") The scenery from the famous "butai of Kiyomizu(清水の舞台)" was beautiful...I saw many of people took some photos with the butai of Kiyomizu in the background. The butai of kiyomizu has been designated as a national treasure.when we made a big decision,we say "like jumping off of the butai of Kiyomizu" for expressing it.

After I left from Kiyomizu temple,I went to get something to eat because anyway I was hungry. That was a good meal!!

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What an amazing view. It looks beautiful.
over 12 years ago
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I like the expression 'like jumping off of the butai'. We have superstitions and traditions to, of being careful of things. I noticed in Hong Kong they have a step before you enter temples that if you trip on it means you are in company of the devil. I love learning about these things.
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Thanks for sharing! What was your meal? ^^
over 12 years ago
this makes me hungry....
over 12 years ago
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Hi! It's so good for entertaning me. :D Thanks! Really interesting again! I like tis the best: "we made a big decision,we say "like jumping off of the butai of Kiyomizu" for expressing it." :D :D Thanks for doing this blog!
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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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