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world heritage sites : part 3.5 - Daigoji temple (醍醐寺)

I went inside the Kami-Daigo ( 上醍醐 ) area,and I could see the trail rises from there...

(Mizukake Fudoson / 水掛不動尊)

The sight brought back the scene of old days when I saw the winding ascent.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji( 富士山 ) with my family when I was a child,honestly I didn't want to do that because I know well that I haven't the physical strength to climb a mountain,but I had to do it because we were obliged to obey my dad's order.I ran out of steam halfway to the top of a mountain many times.My shoes rubbed my feet badly,so the blisters on my feet were killing me,and I had difficulty breathing because I was deprived of oxygen at that.As the result,I thought I wouldn't want to climb any mountain again in the future for the world.

However,I had to climb a mountain named Mt. Atago( 愛宕山 ) in Okayama Prefecture when I was a junior high school student.I had to climb a mountain with my classmates even though other junior high school students in Kyoto went to Kanto or Kyusyu for the school trip and did sightseeing....How did that come about?

Someone told me that it's because the year-head teacher's hobby was mountain climbing,and that's the only reason. That's nonsense! That's one of the things that I've been wondering still now...

The waterfall named "Fudo no Taki ( 不動の滝 )".

My legs felt leaden after the hike to a waterfall.I was going to go to Sanboin after I finished going down a mountain,but by the time I got to Sanboin( 三宝院 ),I was exhausted.

People should be able to see inside of Sanboin from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in February,but staffs of Sanboin admits only the people who arrived there by 3:30 p.m..Unfortunately I couldn't come in Sanboin because it wasn't enough to get there on time.I could have been seen there if I didn't go to "Fudo no Taki". Oh...

Anyway I wanted to sink back into the chair and relax,so I went to the coffee shop.Then I found out the food stall that sells roast chestnuts on the way to the coffee shop!!

I ordered an "anmitsu(あんみつ)" (this is a Japanese dessert that has been popular).  and I think I was there for almost 20 minutes then...But I noticed the food stall have already closed after I left the coffee shop!

As a result,unfortunately I couldn't come in Sanboin, and couldn't buy chestnuts at that.However,I was happy because I was able to visit three temples that was designated a world heritage,and these were worth it! That's all she wrote. Thanks for reading my articles about the temples in Kyoto!!

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doh. i hate it when that happens... (get there too late to see something you've traveled a long way for)
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anmitsu looks lovely, you share some beautiful dishes, always leaves my mouth watering! It's a shame you could not enter Sanboin. Likewise with Etchy It's very frustrating. Thankyou for sharing your journey of the Kyoto temples, It's really been a lovely eye opener for me.
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wah the temple looks like it's been looked after really well! would love to go there one day ^^
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those are really pretty photos! The dessert looks so good. what is the flavor?
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