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world heritage sites : part 3 - Daigoji temple (醍醐寺)

OK,I write about Daigoji-temple this time!!

I got off at Keihan Rokujizo Station,and had to transfer to a subway there.And I should ride on the subway from here to Daigo Station,but I didn't so,because I guessed I can make my way on foot to Daigoji temple.

I asked a station employee at ticket gate in Rokujizo Station,"How can I get to Daigoji temple from here?". And he told me,"You would better take a bus.Take the number 22 bus at a bus terminal and get off at the bus stop "Daigo Sanboin mae". But I said,"No,no.I want to walk to the destination,because I'm susceptible to motion sickness." And he raised his eyebrows in surprise and said,"Are you serious?You have to walk far to reach there.I recommend you take the bus!" ...I felt it was just useless to talk to him because he recommends me to take the bus frequently.  At a result,I decided to go on my own without his help.

I tried to find my way to Daigoji temple with the help of a map,and I walked about 30 minutes but I'm not sure if I go the right way for Daigo area,or not,so I became worried.I asked the woman who wait at a bus stop for a bus the way,but she didn't know because she is not a local person.But fortunately,I was able to ask the supermarket employee,and she directed me to the Daigoji temple!!

Finally,I arrived at Daigoji temple!Yeah!! though my legs went weak.haha

First of all,I explored in the Shimo-Daigo(下醍醐) area on Daigoji temple property...

Well,it was cold and windy day.There was a sign on the fence that says "Be careful when you walk the trails can be dangerous because of nurse logs by strong winds"(left side), and "No dog-walking on temple property"(right side).

(Benevolent Kings / 仁王像)

I stumbled on that sign when I was just about to go through the temple gate where these Nio (Benevolent Kings) stands.They are a pair of protectors who stand guard at the temple gate.

(Five-story pagoda / 五重塔)

(Five-story pagoda / 五重塔)

I could see five-story pagoda.  The historic building have been designated a national treasure!I have seen the pagoda in books or on TV before several times,but I felt it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing!

By the way,I just saw only a few people here.I guess many of people visit here only in the cherry blossom season or foliage season,usually this temple rarely get visitors.

(The Benten-do and The Rinsen pond / 弁天堂と林泉)

The Benten-do is a small temple hall,and that area is known for its scenic landscapes,so many of people takes photos!

Then I went to kami-Daigo(上醍醐) area on Daigoji temple property...

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wow nice, it must be nice when the sakura come out. :-P
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Beautiful surroundings and settings in the Daigoji temple. You are better than any guidebook! I'm picking up so many tips! Thanks so much for sharing. Good to know you can walk to the temple even though it's a long journey.
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Those are beautiful pictures! Glad you could make it by foot! Good exercise too! :)
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