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Who's he!?

...Yes,he is Santa Claus!!  haha

I bought my lunch at a nearby bakery yesterday,and I found this there!! This is a bun filled with custard.  I was looking forward to eat this after I get back home,but my sister ate this at night ... Oh,I should have bought two buns! **~Wishing all of you the very best of the Christmas season.

May your days be bright,and your heart be light!~**

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Cute!!! Merry Christmas to you!
over 12 years ago
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doh, your sister stole christmas! actually i was going to say it looks more like Winnie the Pooh... but anyway. :-P
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  >musicnote Merry Christmas to you too~! Wish you have Wonderful Holidays! :-D   >Etchy …くまのプーさん?Haha...Exactly! Laughter escaped my mouth! XD Now that you mention it,it looks like it is!   >访来访去 好的,就这么定了。哈哈…祝你圣诞节快乐~~
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Oh Custard buns...Yummy! Sister's you can never trust them with your stuff :D I hope you had a lovely Christmas
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