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Do you know Christopher Lambert?Actually I have been one of his most enthusiastic fans since I first saw him in “Knight Moves” about fifteen years ago. A big problem is related to why I like him,but I don't want to elaborate about that because it's purely distressing family affair(including the death of my father),but I just can say this.Many of his films gave me a sliver of life then...I think it's not too much to say that he is one of few people who saved my life!

A few days ago,I ordered a few his films' DVDs such as "Day of Wrath".As you may know, many of foreign film's titles are changed by film companies to katakana's titles to make it understandable for us.But I feel like there are a lot of titles which are irrelevant to the stories of films so far.Actually,I didn't know these new DVDs has already been released in Japan,because they changed the titles to totally different titles!!Oh...

Well, I was able to get these DVDs today... But the film's title "The Piano Player" was changed to "The Target",and similarly,"Day of Wrath" was changed to "Mask Of Legend".WHY?WHY??? Hmm...I can't understand why they are translated into Japanese with totally different titles.

And unfortunately I can't get some of his DVDs such as "Disparue de Deauville, La" "Le Lievre de Vatanen" in Japan.I'll just have to wait till those DVDs are released here in Japan(Though I don't even know whether they come out on DVD or not).I feel chagrined about that!!!For your information,his film "Absolon" was made in 2003,but finally it was released on DVD last month in Japan!!! It's tooooo late,huh?I'm rather unhappy about it.

By the way...as you can see,anyway I have some his movie videos.I have two video cassette recorders(I have a hard-disk video recorder,a DVD recorder,and DVD player too...),but if these video cassette recorders will go belly up in the near future,I won't be able to see any videos. I know video tapes deteriorate with age usually,so I think I should buy those DVD instead of videos which I have.However I heard that maybe Blu-Ray become mainstream in the future.Should I wait until his films come out on Blu-Ray?Hmm...

Now,I'm wondering whether or not I should do so.

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hmm... some of them may never make it onto blu-ray... (or it may take a long time). why don't you get a region free DVD player and then buy the western version of the DVD? ....save yourself 5 years of waiting. :-P
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This is what I call spoiled for choice.
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Like Etchy says, a region free DVD is a good buy. I wouldn't wait for Blu-Ray, DVD still has a good few years left in it yet, :) I liked Christopher Lambert a lot when i was younger, had all his movies, Highlander and Knight Moves was my favourite, I liked the Fortress aswell. I'm pleased he brought you comfort, it's no wonder you still like him . As for titles, the Western release of Asian movies can be dreadful translations too!
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too much new technology these days. XD
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you're very enjoy your life .haha... i rarely buy dvds. i don't know Christopher Lambert,but i searched about his information from internet just now. now i know him
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I know who's CL. I've never watched anything he was in but I'd know his strange eyes anywhere. What is up to, I wonder?
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