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Air conditioner of my house broke the other day.I can hardly sleep since then.I'm feeling dizzy,and I feel as if I became a zombie .

I can't wait to get away from the sweltering heat...We will receive new air conditioner tomorrow.I keep saying to myself in recent days "Have a little more patience..."

I was drawing certain person for several days back.But my work is not progressing as much as I hoped. So, I'll begin to draw it again after Tuesday !!


  Top of the corporate ladder gave me these Japanese cracker.Of course, these are not rose flavor and carnation flavor.

And business promotion manager gave me this (yogurt flavor).This pretzel sticks are yogurt-dipped,and this yogurt made from milk of Jersey cows...Oh...Am I making any sense?My English is OK?

Unfortunately,this was not so delicious for me.

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does milk from Jersey cows taste different? thats as in the Isle of Jersey in europe?
almost 13 years ago
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Milk from Jersey cows are strong flavor.I have been to hiruzen(蒜山) of Okayama Prefecture before.Then,I drank a glass of milk (from Jersey cows) here.So I know this flavor!=P
almost 13 years ago
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did the crackers taste good?
almost 13 years ago
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Oh...I felt this was not too delicious either.But I had to say to him, "This is delicious"...^ ^;
almost 13 years ago
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cool snacks!
almost 13 years ago
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Hi~,thanks for your comment! :) Have you ever eaten snacks like this?
almost 13 years ago


Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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