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Things are not going well.

While my frog is sleeping in his bed... ...Ha ha, only joking!!!

Well,I came across this page last night when I searched on the Internet for a certain thing that I should know for my work.

Waking Ashland

Do you know them? I didn't know them at all,and I had never listened their songs,but immediately this page made me curious about those!

Can you maybe tell me what your favorite musicians are? In my case,I don't want to hear the intake of breath of musicians in a song,because the sound can be irritating to me.So I do my best to avoid that kind of stuff as much as possible when I buy somebody's CDs.

I placed an order through the Internet this time...But I found that this group disbanded last year already, after I placed an order !! haha...things are not going well.

It's not the first time for something like this. but I don't know what to say...

Oh...but I'm OK.Tomorrow,finally I'm gonna Bon Jovi's concert in Osaka with mew!

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What aren't things going well? Well I hope you will have better days from now on! Have fun at the concert!
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oh, i forgot about Bon Jovi... i'm sure tomorrow you'll be 'having a nice day'. :-P
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SO Q~~~~ 青蛙 ,好可愛喔!!! 這個團體 我剛去聽. 真的很好聽耶!!! i like ....
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Hey guys,sorry for the late reply...   >musicnote Thanks for your encouragement. :-D I had a really good time seeing their show!!!   >Etchy Oh,you completely forgot about it,right? :-O But I don't blame you,because I know well you are too busy every day!Thanks for your kind words!! haha ;-)   >KID520 你也喜歡我的青蛙嗎?哈哈,我高興啊! 我買到了他們的專輯!可惜他們已經解散了,但這個團體的主唱名叫Jonathan Jones,我發現了他組成了名為「We Shot The Moon」的新團體。
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