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the movie theater

  My sister is a  big fan of Chow Yun-Fat(周潤發). So I had to go to the movie theater to see "Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End," with my sister the other day.  Though we bought an advance tickets in other times,we guessed that the movie theater will be crowded because this is a popular movie. So,when the number of people who go to see this movie decreased, we had finally decided to go.

However,the latest film of Harry Potter series is now showing at the theater,so the movie theater was crowded,after all... I felt sleepy while watching on the way of this movie...I noticed I've got no stomach for that kind of movie. Oh...



The movie " Rush Hour 3," which starred Jackie Chan will be screened from August 25th in Japan! Yeah!!



 ↑alarm clock of "Rush Hour 3"

↑ cell-phone strap of "National Treasure 2"

These are not for sale, only the person who bought an advance ticket of the movie can get( limited quantity).

BTW my sister said,"I wish sound of the alarm clock is not usual sounds,but Jackie's voice.In addition,I want him to say in this manner in Cantonese,「早晨!早晨!!」".

...I think so,too.haha :)

I bought an advance ticket of "National Treasure 2".But we are aghast,because we noticed this movie will premiere on December 21th...

It is too early to put the tickets on the market,isn't it?

We went to eat pork cutlet(とんかつ),after we had seen the movie.Name of the restaurant is " Katsukura".There are restaurant chain in not only Kyoto but also Tokyo.If you like pork cutlets, I recommend this restaurant chain!

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oh, i think i went to that restaurant in Hiroshima. it was good. don't tell XibanYaE about the Jackie Chan items, he is a collector, when i was in Kyushu he asked me to buy him the movie book for 香港国際警察!
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Pork cutlet is good but I've never tried it in a restaurant before. I've only made it at home. I'm not interested in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie either.
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I haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3 yet but I plan on it....love pork cutlets but with teriyaki sauce instead of that plum sauce....
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  >Etchy Etchy,you are acquainted with Japan.You're always surprising me!haha:) Does he make a collection of Jackie Chan's items?If you say so,I don't tell him ;)...though I don't know him yet. あ、こんなのもあるみたいだけど… http://www.rh3.jp/campaign/movix/   >musicnote Wow,Can you make pork cutlet?Great! I can tell you,I'm not very interested in Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom...   >Mommy_Mok The screen time of this movie is three hours.It was too long for me...Oh,You'd better stay after the credits :) I like teriyaki sauce,too!At this restaurant,we used the one that mixed ground sesame seeds with the pork cutlet source.
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I'm not interested in Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom either. ^^;;
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I haven't seen Pirates 3. I'll have to do DVD. I've met Chow Yun Fat. Come look at the pic and read the blog about it, even though you're not the main person interested in him. haha.
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Woah, Japan sure gives good premium gifts for early bird movie (ticket) buyers!. We don't have anything special in Singapore. yawn~ I haven't seen Pirates 3, but man, I like Johnny Depp, very sexy ~ I love pork cutlet rice! You are making me hungry ! (PS - will be sending you a message)
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  >musicnote I'm glad you told me how you feel about this.I think both of them are handsome,but they are not my type...   >peachey Wow,thanks!I'll visit you later :)   >MyLifeLounge I received your message.Thanks!! In Japan,there is a certain reduction in people who visit movie theater.To outsell advance tickets,such an gifts is necessary...
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