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The Kewpie doll cell phone charms!!!

Finally,the film "The Forbidden Kingdom" which starred Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be screened from July 26th in Japan! I'm looking forward to see this film.hehe

Well,I got the following free gifts! These are not for sale, and only people who bought each of advance tickets of the films can get them(limited quantity).

This is the cell phone strap that can also serve as the stuff to wipe the cell phone's display,but I'm not going to use this.

The other day,I got this ring when I bought the advance ticket of Angelina Jolie's latest starring film "WANTED".Of course this ring does not fit neatly into my finger,and it's hardly possible that this ring correct size to fit into my fingers!

This film will be screened from Sep 20th...

This Kewpie doll is called "孔P" because he dressed like Zhuge Liang(孔明).That's why he has a feather fan which is his trademark.Though I didn't realize it's the feather fan when I first saw this!haha

And he is called "周P".As you know,he dressed like Zhou Yu(周瑜).

I got this when I bought the advance ticket of John Woo's film "Red Cliff".Needless to say,these are Kewpie dolls wearing the costumes on characters of  the film.They are cute!! Though I don't know why film company chose Kewpie dolls as premium gift for people who bought the advance ticket...Oh,I forget to tell you guys,"孔P" is mine,and the other is my sister's!haha

By the way,I found out this site.

Check it out if you're interested in Japanese cell phone straps.  ::: Click here:::

These Kewpie dolls scared me!!  ::: Click here:::

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wow, fancy stuff! remember what i wrote in my review of Forbidden Kingdom... its made by Westerner martial arts otaku FOR Western martial arts otaku...
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so if you buy advanced movie tickets in Japan, you always get some kind of "gift"?
almost 12 years ago
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I liked the youube video, but those dolls were horrible, normal dolls freak me out, let alone those ones! I so wish I was watching films in a Japanese cinema, the freebies are great!
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私も、「Red cliff」の前売りを買いに行かなきゃ~!
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Yeah, I wanna see "Dragon Kingdom" too. BTW, why the title "Forbidden Kingdom" needs to change to "Dragon~"??? I always can't understand this kind of change... =( Don't you think so?
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