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The cherry blossoms etc in Yasaka Shrine(八坂神社) and Maruyama Park(円山公園)

I went to Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社)and Maruyama Park (円山公園) the other day.

Maruyama Park in Kyoto is known for the magnificent cherry trees,and the park is located in the back of the Yasaka Shrine.Also,this park is a one of popular "hanami (花見)" (cherry blossom viewing) spot,and is adjacent to the Gion geisha district.

sakura that I took at Maruyama park

(The west gate of Yasaka shrine/八坂神社の西楼門)The west gate of Yasaka shrine has been designated as an important national cultural asset.

(The main shrine / 本殿) Like the west gate,the main shrine has also been designated as an important national cultural asset.

Ema (絵馬) Ema (絵馬) are small wooden plaques which anyone can purchase at shrines.

You have to write to it a wish such as health,fortune,romance and victory when you buy it,and hope that the gods will grant it to you!! For your information,usually temples and shrine sells various kinds of lucky charms(お守り) which are their own design at the same place.

People stampede to watch cherry blossoms around here when all their cherry blossoms have opened.

Basically people go to cherry blossom viewing with friends or family etc,to drink,eat something and talk,but some people who are junior position in the company have to go to cherry blossom viewing with the superiors at work. I heard that such a guys struggle to secure their good spot for the superiors from previous day or from the morning of cherry blossom viewing...Though I don't know why they are so desperate to get it.

Can you see something stand on a stone? Take a closer look...

In case you didn't know,this bird is alive(isn't the stuffed bird)!

I found out the statues of Ryoma Sakamoto(坂本龍馬) and Shintaro Nakaoka (中岡慎太郎) in Maruyama Park.I remember that he appeared in school textbook when I was a student,but I feel like this statue of Ryoma doesn't look like his face who appeared in school textbook...

I found out a dragon!! This dragon impel me to take a pic,but it's a bit of a pity because I managed to see red hose protrude from mouth...Oh... That dragon reminds me that I had to draw a dragon's picture in art class when I was a student,and it was very difficult for me to draw the imbricate scales.

Well,I saw this sign when I walked while watching cherry blossoms,I decided to go to Kodaiji temple (高台寺)...

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Aoi terence c2 2012 01 07 17 dot 05 dot 04
京都はまだ桜散ってないんだね。 やっぱ綺麗だよね、桜は。 山形はまだ咲いてないけど。 一般的にこっちは新入社員歓迎会が花見なんだよー。 南北に長いって面白いよね。
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You take beautiful pictures, it feels like I am flicking throught the pages of a tour book, with added tidbits of what we can find, like the Ema and junior workers. I wouldn't even attempt to draw a dragon!. The scales must of taken ages to get right.
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Bleupluie 89 sono
spring makes me wanna sing 春が来た春が来た どこに来た 山に来た里に来た野にもきた~ i have never experienced spring before... my first time in Japan was summer's end/starting of autumn; second time was winter; last was winter's end/early spring...no cherry blossoms...:(
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those are beautiful pictures! I want to see cherry blossoms in Japan!
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Photo 23108
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Bleupluie 89 sono
春が来た 3rd verse? no...maybe you can search on the internet...wait...i'll check! 鳥がなく 鳥がなく どこでなく。 山で鳴く 里で鳴く、 野でも鳴く。
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I love cherryblossom - still wait for it here...
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