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Finally my boss engaged a new employee a couple days ago,but I'm really disappointed,because she is executive managing director's daughter... Though that doesn't really surprise me,because my predecessor was the daughter of the boss.That's the way it goes!

Hmm... Let's change the subject.

In Japan,convenience store chain Seven-Eleven has begun offering some drink items in cooperation with Starbucks. Actually,there is no Starbucks in the region where I live,but I can drink their coffee sometimes,because there are convenience stores selling several types of Starbucks's drinks.It's not that I'm especially fond of coffee,but I want good coffee from time to time.

Well,I got this when I went to Seven-Eleven near my office last week...

Yes,I went to buy a coffee,but I really felt I had to buy this then.As you are aware,this is called "KYOTO MATCHA LATTE(京都抹茶ラテ)".It's a little too sweet for me,but It was good!!

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We're still waiting for them to open the first Starbucks in Belgium (Hopefully, that should be done by the end of the year). I don't know where you live but there are quite a few Starbucks around Shijo dori. I had a friend who used to work in one of them when she was a student.
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Oh It's nice that they have brought in such a brand. Starbucks is everywhere these days!! I'm not a fan of family employing unless it's a family business, too much complications involved, it shouldn't happen.
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I'm not a fan of coffee...but it's interesting when there's different kinds of flavors. You have to wonder if the relatives they hire really have the talent/skills to do the job or if they got the job just because they are related to someone.
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mmmm coffee...i don't think i can survive a working day without it especially lately! works been pretty hectic! office politics can be very tiring at times...oh well it's friday tomorrow! ^^
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