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slow eater

I took some pics when we went to Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul's

Macau Tower

We were lucky to see a brave woman there!When we had just arrived at the Macau Tower,she challenged the world's highest commercial bungy jump.It's really awesome!! I found myself taking a picture of her,though I don't know who she is...haha.

What? Whether or not I challenged the bungy jump or sky jump?...That's impossible!!!

BTW I was so busy I attacked a lunch at my office yesterday. Then I noticed one fact...I hadn't breathed normally when I eat something.Yes,I mean I hold my breath during chewing some foods every time.

It's because I suffer from chronic rhinitis from a young age.So I can't breathe through only my nose usually,and I'm used to taking breaths through the mouth and nose.Basically,everybody says when people eat something,they shouldn't make sounds,and I know it's impolite to do it.So I have to hold my breath during chewing some foods,because I can't breathe through only my nose.

...Yes,I'm a slow eater!!!

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Thanks for sharing the pics! I have not heard of chronic rhinitis before. It's ok if you are a slow eater, don't worry about it!
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  >访来访去 没错,我也这样想。谢谢你的关照 ^ ^   >musicnote It's my pleasure. :-) To be more exact,I have chronic allergic rhinitis,so I often cause a blocked nose :-(
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It's better to eat slow, and making noises can't be helped when you suffer from rhinitis, you are always so good to think of people around you, but should not suffer for them! That's was lucky to catch the girl bungee jumping. Looked like fun!
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